Can You Help? Ian Wood needs a push around this year’s Download Festival

Heavy Metal fan Ian Wood has taken to social media to ask for help in attending this year’s Download festival and is offering festival and camping tickets for someone to give him a push around the venue.

“I am visually impaired and a wheelchair user,” writes Ian. “I can still see a little, but I have no distance vision. I can weight bare but have no balance, so I am in a wheelchair. I’d want someone to push me about to the bands I wanted to see and would take into account if you wanted to see certain things that I didn’t. I can manage to use the gents and shower myself.”

Ian has already paid for camping and concert tickets for The Download Festival in Derbyshire from 10th-13th June and suggests meeting in Derby.

“We would go halves on the cost of food,” Ian says.

If someone is willing to give Ian a push, he can be contacted at iawood4lfc@hotmail.co.uk

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