Black Tree Vultures / Blistering live act release stunning new studio track

Black Tree Vultures have released the stunning single ‘Run Back To The Dark’, with accompanying video which you can watch below. The track was recorded in the Spanish Los Rosales Studios, earlier in the year and will appear on their upcoming EP ‘III’, due out in February 2021.

Having previously played with bands such as The Darkness, Devilskin and Buckcherry, Black Tree Vultures were certainly making a name for themselves in the live scene with their blistering stage performances, before COVID-19 ground that to an unfaltering halt.

With ‘Run Back To The Dark’ and the previous single ‘The Unforeseen’, we find fine examples of the bands classic, yet contemporary style of ‘in your face’ Heavy Metal, which their fans have come to know and love.

Vocalist Celyn Beynon told MetalTalk about the theme of the song: “This was easily the hardest song I have ever had to write lyrically. This is the first time that we have taken a slower route with our songs and this allowed me to get my feelings down on paper more freely.

“This song is about my bi-polar diagnosis, with me talking to both versions of myself that I hate so much.

“This song is written about me, however with the idea that anyone can refer to it who may be going through something similar and can relate to it too.

“The fact is I hate I am like this, but I am going to do everything in my power to push it away and beat this illness.”

Photo of Black Tree Vultures
Black Tree Vultures. Photo: Steve Ritchie/MetalTalk

Know for their up-tempo Heavy songs based around fantastic riffs and solid rhythms, the new track is maybe a slight departure from that style.

Beynon told us: “Ched [Cheeseman, Bass] played this melodic baseline at practice one day and stopped me in my tracks, “What’s that!?” I said. “Oh just something I had knocking around”.

“Despite the rest of the band thinking it was not very ‘us’ I persisted and this song developed.

“It was the end section that made the others realise we had a good thing here.”

‘Run Back To The Dark’, which features on MetalTalk’s Soundcloud Tracks of the Week Playlist, is a follow up to ‘The Unforeseen’, which was released in September.

You can see the band in 2021 at Teddy Rocks festival, HRH Ibiza, Love Rocks and Lindos Rocks in Greece.

Black Tree Vultures
Celyn Beynon – Vocals
Aaron Hammersley – Guitars
Jonno Smyth – Drums
James “Ched” Cheeseman – Bass Guitar

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