Bad Luck Friday / A cut above the rest with resonating debut album

If a gritty and heavy blues rock band whose influences include Soundgarden, Audioslave and Alter Bridge doesn’t spark an interest in you, then get your coat. Brighton-based Bad Luck Friday does things a bit differently.

Bad Luck Friday – Bad Luck Friday (Wilde Fire Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Brian Boyle

Instead of eye-watering, skin-lifting guitar solos, these guys take a different route and shred some serious harmonica instead. And far from being a gimmick, the band happen to be fronted by renowned harmonica player Will Wilde whose exploits with the instrument have earned him a Blues instrumentalist of the year nomination at the UK Blues Awards.

Bad Luck Friday – Album photo Gili Dailes

A real rock ‘n’ roll hybrid, you would wonder how the straight-up hard rock tunes like opener and namesake Bad Luck Friday and 666 At The Crossroads would fare without the obligatory fret attack. But it works beautifully to the point where you just want more.

The mammoth-sounding Banshee and Jealous Woman show why Wilde is as highly regarded as he is with two lip-ripping solos.

Probably the greatest blues rock ballad since Thunder’s Don’t Wait For Me, the heart-pumping Dust & Bones ticks every emotional box with its smokey and soothing vibes. The grunge influence slightly rears its head on Mistress and blends perfectly with the funky backing vocals.

If you’re looking for evidence that Bad Luck Friday are the real deal, Low Down Dirty should be your first spin. Almost sounding like an off-the-cuff jam, it oozes blues appeal with every lingering note.

With all the scintillating harmonica licks, don’t be fooled into thinking the six-string plays a supporting role. This album is laden with throbbing riffage, venomously executed on the pounding Take The Best Of Me and Rebel With A Cause.

British Rock is never short of a quality new band to make you press the ‘next big thing’ button. But on the basis of this resonating debut album, Bad Luck Friday sound a cut above the rest.

Track List

Bad Luck Friday (3:26)
666 At The Crossroads (3:16)
Banshee (3:19)
Dust & Bones (4:03)
Jealous Woman (3:36)
Take The Best Of Me (4:18)
Mistress (4:08)
Low Down Dirty (4:27)
Bonnie To My Clyde (3:05)
Rebel With A Cause (4:01)

All songs: Music written by Will Wilde & Steve Brook, lyrics by Will Wilde and Sara Starbuck

Bad Luck Friday

Will Wilde: Vocals, Harmonica
Steve “The Beak” Brook: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jack Turnbull: Bass
Alan Taylor: Drums


Recorded at PA Studios and Brighton Road Studios, Brighton
Produced by Steve Brook
Mixed and mastered by Paul Winstanley
Photography by Gili Dailes

Sleeve Notes

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