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Avatar / A Metal circus, the road is their home

Avatar, who release their next album Dance Devil Dance on 17 February 2023, have seen the excitement build for their European tour with the news that most of their dates are either sold out, or tickets are very limited. The tour kicks off in Manchester on 18 February 2023.

Three singles have been released so far, the latest being The Dirt I’m Buried In. All three have solidified the band’s mission that there are no weapons on this planet that can challenge the might of the electric guitar.

“You always hear bands say this is our best album yet,” Avatar said. “It is Avatar at our most laser-focused, at our most razor-sharp. There’s no BS, no extra fat. Every track is a weapon and has a purpose. It’s all in the title, as this album is our angriest, horniest, and most spiritual release, all at once. It’s a must-hear.”

Dance Devil Dance was recorded in the Swedish wilderness, with Jay Ruston returning as producer. Ruston and the band stayed there for a month, eating, sleeping, and breathing Dance Devil Dance.

“For decades, Metal has been the most powerful force known to man,” continues Avatar’s mission statement. “Its sonic teeth have gnawed through the status quo over and over, pushing the boundaries for what can be created in the marriage between blood and machine. If Mount Rushmore were to be carved for all the titans of the genre, it would span the entire globe many times over. It’s a burning beacon for the misfits and the rebels.

“As time has passed, much of the scene has become divided in two equally stale camps. The first is forever stuck in the past, no longer seeking to lead. The second are those who have forgotten the most important ingredients to what made Metal what it was and must remain.

“They’ve lost touch with the Devil. They’ve forgotten how to move. In a genre best experienced with your whole body, they’ve lost the lust.

“With grit and sheer force of will, they made the music the only way Metal ever should be done. Modern Metal too often becomes homogenised by everyone using the same drum samples and presets for guitars.

“Dance Devil Dance is the sound of our bodies in motion and nothing else. It sounds hard because we play hard. It’s loud because we are loud.

“Every band knows the challenge of capturing the rage of a stage performance on tape. This time we succeeded. This album bleeds black blood, bludgeoned by the road.”

If 2022 was a productive year for the band, with a North American headline tour, Brazil shows with Iron Maiden and arena shows with Sabaton, there were also a number of major festival performances, including Bloodstock 2022 and Hellfest 2022.

You can watch MetalTalk talking with the band in France below.

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