Archive: Dee Snider Joins Phil Campbell In Bloodstock Lemmy Tribute

11th August 2016. Twister Sister’s Dee Snider joined Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons on The Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock tonight (Thursday) to pay his own personal tribute to the late, great Motörhead frontman Lemmy.

Seven songs into a rousing performance by Phil’s newly-named band with the volume high and the adrenaline even higher, Phil announced their very special guest to rapturous applause.

Dee sang ‘Born To Raise Hell’, with Corrosion Of Conformity’s Pepper Keenan on backing vocals. He really brought the house down as his larger than life presence dominated the festival site. He’s a consummate showman with unmatchable stage presence. His words during the pause in ‘Born To…’ really struck a chord with the audience.

“We lost a true rock legend and this festival season doesn’t seem right wthout him.

“The only true motherfucking Heavy Metal festival in the fucking UK… fuck Download – this is the fucking show right here!

“So it’s time for us all to have some closure. I need some closure, Phil needs some closure, you need some closure… and we’re going to get it right fuckng now. We’re going to sing Lemmy’s words and we’re going to sing them loud and fucking proud!”

The band then resumed ‘Born To Raise Hell’. Dee and Pepper departed the stage to a sound resembling the battle’s din.

Dee Snider Phil Campbell Pay Tribute to Lemmy. Bloodstock 2016

Earlier in the day, Phil formally opened Lemmy’s Bar, Bloodstock’s main drinking area that has been renamed in honour of Motörhead’s founder and leader. This was a thoroughly entertaining and poignant occasion, as you can see right here.

Dee told in 2002: “Fast Eddie Clarke really impressed the hell out of me with how down to earth he was. Even though Motörhead were a huge band at the time and Twisted Sister were just starting out he was ready to get down an’ dirty and tear it up for a friend, Pete Way, and some struggling upstarts. That would be us.

“We recorded our first album in a barn in the English countryside and I can still see Fast Eddie Clark and Jay Jay French, face to face alternately taking swigs out of a bottle of Jack Daniels and ripping off killer leads.

“I am most proud of how instrumental me and the Twisted guys were in reuniting Fast Eddie and Lemmy as friends on stage at the Reading Festival. We met both those guys dead in the middle of the ugliness of their separation. I said some things to both of them about not letting the press fire them up and how they should try to remember the good years they had together.

“I don’t know if it had an affect, but when Lemmy stepped out onto the stage to join us, Pete Way and Eddie in the Rolling Stones classic ‘It’s Only Rock n’ Roll’… I saw God. And he loves Heavy Metal!”

Twisted Sister headline Bloodstock’s Main Stage tomorrow (Friday) night in what will be their very final UK performance and when Dee said “Forty And Fuck It!” he really means it. There will be no comebacks.

And with Venom and Behemoth on before Twister Sister on the Main Stage, another big, big day is in store tomorrow.

The world is yours but today most definitely belonged to Motörhead.

Dee Snider Phil Campbell Pay Tribute to Lemmy. Bloodstock 2016

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons setlist:
Big Mouth
Deaf Forever
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Sweet Leaf
Sharp Dressed Man
Born To Raise Hell (with Dee Snider and Pepper Keenan)
Ace Of Spades
Killed By Death
Silver Machine

Sleeve Notes

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