Album Of The Week: The New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume 1

With 42 tracks from 42 bands, NWOCR Volume 1 is an extraordinary collection of superb talent that is the best of the newer bands on the rock scene. This double CD package, an essential listen for any rock fan, is released on 23 July 2021.

The New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume 1

Release Date: 23 July 2021

Words: Steve Ritchie

The release features the chart-busting Massive Wagons, Mason Hill and The Dust Coda, the legendary Phil Campbell, plus other fan favourites including The New Roses, Elles Bailey, Bad Touch, Skam, Empyre, Thundermother, Massive and 31 other cracking bands.

The idea for the project came from the New Wave Of Classic Rock Facebook group, which is pushing towards 22k members. Established in late 2017, the group focuses on musicians influenced by classic rock pre-2010, with the stipulation that these bands have only released music from 2010 onwards.

Massive Wagons
Massive Wagons

“It blows my mind how fast the NWOCR thing has grown,” Massive Wagons frontman Baz Mills says. “It has exploded! They shine a real bright light on new bands all over the world, and it’s a real honour to be a part of this official NWOCR compilation album.”

While the music industry is plagued with odious problems, such as poor remuneration in streaming, many people inside and outside the industry have offered support, advice, and promotion through the group. This is amazing, and Volume 1 is a real celebration of fans and bands.

“We’ve been looking into the possibility of putting together an NWOCR compilation CD since last year,” Richard Brindley (NWOCR) said. “We thought that right now would be perfect timing to release the definitive version of a set of tracks from bands who together define the genre.

“With the help of all of the fans of all the bands and the ever-growing membership of the NWOCR Facebook Group, we want to get this CD high up into the UK compilation chart and raise the profile of the movement and the bands to a massively wider audience.

“This could be the truest execution of people power; a compilation by the community, for the community.”

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

The album has been supported by record labels including Off Yer Rocka, Nuclear Blast, Listenable Records, and Marshall Records.

“Marshall Records is stoked to have some of our artists included on this essential album,” Steve Marshall said. “We have been long time supporters of this amazing group of people keeping the flame of guitar rock burning brightly. NWOCR, we salute you!”

The album shows how passionate and dedicated these bands are. Many have full-time jobs, and making music is tough work. It would be unfair to single out highlights, but there are so very many, and it has turned me on to a couple of bands that I had failed to take notice of before.

Buy it. With the slow return of live performances, if these 42 tracks do not fill you with hope and excitement for the future of music, then I would be amazed.

Profits from sales will be divided between charity and music-related causes. You can order the CD and merchandise from

Last month 27 of the NWOCR Volume 1 bands got together for an excellent version of the Massive Wagons track Tokyo, which you can watch below.

“There is something truly heartwarming about a live audience singing back one of your songs to you at a show,” Massive Wagons frontman Baz Mills says. “It is always a moment, and it never gets old.”

“When I got to watch the New Wave Of Classic Rock remix of our track Tokyo for the first time, and I saw all of the faces from the scene belting out our song, I genuinely had a bit of a moment.

“Not only is it a huge honour with all these awesome people singing it, but it just cements the solidarity between bands, fans and media that are driving this incredible scene.”

The New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume 1

01. Massive Wagons – Tokyo
02. Mason Hill – DNA
03. Hollowstar – All I Gotta Say
04. These Wicked Rivers – Shine On
05. Anchor Lane – Fame Shame
06. Empyre – New Republic
07. Daxx & Roxane – Without You
08. Sons Of Liberty – Fire And Gasoline
09. The Hot Damn! – Dance Around
10. Massive – Rise
11. Everyday Heroes – Find My Way
12. Elles Bailey – Woman Like Me
13. Scarlet Rebels – No One Else To Blame
14. Wolf Jaw – I Ain’t Ready
15. Tomorrow Is Lost – Hideaway
16. Dead Man’s Whiskey – War Machine
17. Dig Lazarus – Tell Me Why
18. The New Roses – Whiskey Nightmare
19. Shape Of Water – The World Is Calling Me
20. Revival Black – So Alive
21. Gin Annie – Devil In Me

01. Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – Son Of A Gun
02. The Dust Coda – When The Tide Comes In
03. Skam – Iron Cross
04. Collateral – Merry Go Round
05. Bad Touch – I Get High
06. Gorilla Riot – Still Doing Time
07. Thundermother – Driving In Style
08. King Creature – Captives
09. Rews – Today We’re Warriors
10. Twister – Call To Arms
11. South Of Salem – The Hate In Me
12. Jack J Hutchinson – World On Fire
13. Bootyard Bandits – Hoedown Showdown
14. Haxan – Killing Time
15. Doomsday Outlaw – Turn Me Loose
16. Ashen Reach – Fighting For My Life
17. Bastette – Talk About It
18. Ryders Creed – Money
19. Takeaway Thieves – This Is Rock N Roll
20. Ward XVI – Broken Toys
21. Blackwater Conspiracy – Soul Revolutionaries

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