Agent Steel / Back with a Speed Metal vengeance

Formed in 1984 by vocalist John Cyriis, L.A. Speed Metal band Agent Steel are finally back after a long break with a video for the new song ‘Outer Space Connection’. The track is released ahead of their new album ‘No Other Godz Before Me’, which is due for release 19 March 2021 via Dissonance Productions.

John Cyriis told MetalTalk: “The road on the bridge between Metal music and outer space is finally inaugurated by the New Era of Agent Steel – in the second decade of the 21st Century – via the launching of the bands first true album since 1987, titled ‘No Other Godz Before Me’.

“And so, prepare for the third single release from this new album – the song being the tenth track on the album, ‘Outer Space Connection.”

‘No Other Godz Before Me’ is the first official Agent Steel album since 1987’s ‘Unstoppable Force’.

In a truly global lineup, Cyriis is joined by Bulgarian guitarist Nikolay Atanasov, Brazilian guitarist Vinicius Carvalho, Japanese bassist Shuichi Oni and Danish drummer Rasmus Kjӕr.

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