Pete Way Taking A Fast Ride Out Of Here With Shocking Autobiography

Pete Way, former UFO and Ozzy Osbourne bassist and original member of Fastway, the band he never played in that bares his name, is to release his “warts and all” autobiography on 2nd February 2017 and those warts look pretty damn big from here.

Pete’s book is going to be a refreshing read in these days of political correctness and hand wringing and if the raw debauchery in Pete’s rollicking roller-coaster of a read “offends” you then good because it’s an education into how the real rock n’ rollers, the wild men from the Golden Era lived and it’s very, very real.

It will shock you, it will make think and you’ll be repeating the crazy stories for years after you first encounter them. Any man whose surname can be adapted to mean a severe state of inebriation has got to have some good tales to tell, right. Here’s what co-author Paul Rees says about it.

“There are rock memoirs and then there is this one. A Fast Ride Out Of Here tells a story that is so shocking, so outrageous, so packed with excess and leading to such uproar and tragic consequences as to be almost beyond compare.

“Put simply, in terms of jaw-dropping incident, self-destruction and all-round craziness, Pete Way’s rock n’ roll life makes even Keith Richards’ appear routine and Ozzy Osbourne’s seem positively mild-mannered in comparison. Not for nothing did Nikki Sixx, bassist with LA shock-rockers Motley Crue and who ‘died’ for eight minutes following a heroin overdose in 1988, consider that he was a disciple of and apprentice to Way.

Pete Way. RIP

Six marriages, four divorces, a pair of estranged daughters and two dead ex-wives…

“During a forty-year career as founding member and bassist of the venerated British hard rock band UFO, and which has also included a stint in his hell-raising buddy Ozzy’s band, Pete Way has both scaled giddy heights and plunged to unfathomable lows.

“A heroin addict for more than ten years, he blew millions on drugs and booze and left behind him a trail of chaos and carnage. The human cost of this runs to six marriages, four divorces, a pair of estranged daughters and two dead ex-wives.

“Latterly, Pete has fought cancer but has survived it all and is now ready to tell his extraordinary tale. By turns hilarious, heart-rending, mordant, scabrous, self-lacerating, brutally honest and entirely compulsive, A Fast Ride Out Of Here will be a monument to rock n’ roll debauchery on an epic, unparalleled scale and also to one man’s sheer indestructability.”

So there you go. Get this book, read it and be amazed. More on Pete Way’s forthcoming autobiography nearer to release date.

“They call me a madman but compared to Pete Way, I’m out of my league.” – Ozzy Osbourne

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