MetalTalk GIG OF THE WEEK: AC/DC. Wembley Stadium, London

4 July 2015

Without a doubt MetalTalk’s Gig Of The Week has to be AC/DC at Wembley Stadium with lively soul rockers Vintage Trouble as support.

No official announcement has been made but this could well prove to be AC/DC’s last ever world tour.

Sadly Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd won’t be there but Angus and co have relied on family and friends with both Stevie Young and Chris Slade welcomed back into the touring line up to put on one of the biggest and breathtaking rock ‘n roll shows known to mankind.


Tickets for this show sold out quicker than it will take England’s Wayne Rooney to score against San Marino but beg, steal or borrow to be at Wembley on Saturday. Tickets are available at inflated prices on various websites but there are still hundreds on sale which means prices will gradually drop nearer the day.

If you are thinking of chancing on the day with a tout, then stay firm and don’t hand any cash over too hastily. Bide your time and wait until nearer stage time. Name the price of how much you want to pay!

Photo by Taylor Crothers

There’s a good chance AC/DC could be doing the festival circuit next year but nothing has been written in stone as yet.

It’s going to be a glorious sunny day on Saturday, the beer will be flowing and the stadium will be rocking.

For those lucky enough to have tickets, we salute you!



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AC/DC: Wembley Stadium