THE SLIDE: ‘The Slide’ EP

You may not have heard much about The Slide yet, but I can pretty much guarantee that over the next year, you will.

‘The Slide’ EP
Self-released: 4th November 2011

Judith Fisher











Hailing from Sweden but London-based and with very much an English lilt, this band have captured a fabulous blues rock sound found typically in far more experienced and road hardened bands, despite their youth and the short space of time they’ve been together.

I was completely blown away when I saw their live set at the Borderline, especially when they ripped it up with some stunning slide guitar, so I was very keen to give their eponymously-titled EP a spin.

Slipping in somewhere between the swagger of Aerosmith and the sway of Skynryd, this five-tracker is a foot-stomping romp through guitar-driven blues rock complemented by some delightful, soaring vocals from frontman Phil. As catchy as dammit, it’s mighty hard to believe this is their debut EP.

With a support slot to Nazareth just played and their debut album in the pipeline, The Slide have got to be one of the finest young bands I’ve seen in many years, so if they’re playing near you make sure you catch them, because these boys are going to be BIG!




















EP Tracklist:

Cross The Line
Diamond In The Dust
Can You Feel The Rain
Light It Up
Show Me The Light

Contact: theslideofficial@gmail.com


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