Although mobile gaming is still a relatively new industry, it has developed at an astonishing rate in recent years. According to a recent Newzoo report, the mobile games industry is expected to top $100 billion by the end of 2021. By offering a variety of payment options including pay via phone credit, this young industry has grown very fast. Read on to know why mobile gaming is increasing in popularity and is the future of leisure time.

The advent of hyper-casual gaming

As the name suggests, hyper-casual games are games with simple mechanics that offer instant gameplay. Because of the simplicity that hyper-casual games offer, they are instantly playable and infinitely replayable, which makes them highly addictive and engaging. Hole, for instance, is a hyper-casual game that revolves around you playing as a sinkhole trying to swallow everything in your path. The immersive nature of the game attracts various new players and it also allows gamers to easily drop in and drop out of the game.

With the increasing usage of smartphones, the international appeal of hyper-casual games has soared alongside it. In 2018 alone, the growth of hyper-casual gaming surged by 485% and there were over 510 million active players. Also, research by Tenjin suggests that hyper-casual games have managed to increase the number of mobile gamers without impacting other app categories.

Accessibility offered by mobile gaming

Mobile games take less time to develop, are cheaper and have more likelihood to be adopted by a large number of people. These are some of the reasons that have contributed to the growth of mobile gaming. As console gaming requires a huge investment by the gamer, it is held to an extremely high standard. On the other hand, mobile games appeal to a wide variety of gamers, including those who consider themselves to be casual gamers. Mobile gaming is perceived as a way of using the phone to pass time.

While PC and console games are made to provide immersive gaming experience, mobile gaming is a way of passing time. This means that mobile games are open to more people and almost everyone can afford them. Mobile gaming will offer more immersive games and attract even bigger audiences in the coming years.

Smartphone for everything

Initially, mobile games offered poor graphics as compared to console gaming at that time. With the improvement in the display of smartphones, major companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and thousands of other startup companies have recognized the potential of quality of video games.

With the growth in mobile entertainment in the last 4-5 years, our love for mobile gaming has surely increased. All the major streaming platforms are available as smartphone apps and we can access them on the go. Recent advancements in mobile technology means we can rely on our smartphone to do almost anything. As mobile phones have become an important part of our day to day lives, more and more people are using them as a gaming platform.

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