Underoath / The Resurrection from Christian Rockers to Metalcore Legends

From high-school Christian rockers with a senselessly edgy dream, to one of the most iconic Metalcore bands of the 21st century, Underoath have secured their spot on the radars of all Heavy Metal music fans, and it’s clear why.

Words: Lacey Wait

The five-piece outfit hailing from Tampa, Florida, have had a stellar year so far. Erupting into 2023 with their latest brain scratcher, Let Go, and they have recently shared an acoustic version of the song. It’s a tune that rings true to their chaotically poised sound, diving headfirst into trebly overdriven guitar riffs atop slashing drums that tap deep into one’s primal tendencies while interspersed with anthemic-style melodies from drummer and clean vocalist Aaron Gillespie.

Let Go was just the first of many triumphs following Underoath’s new worldwide deal with critically acclaimed label MNRK Heavy, who picked them up in February of this year. Speaking of their new recording partners, the band said, “The team at MNRK simply rules, understands our vision, and is passionate about the music.” These values are important to a band with a turbulent past.

Since then, they have graced the stages of the Heavy Music Awards at Wembley Arena and Slam Dunk festival just a few days later. Both performances exploded in crackling energy, sending an unwavering message of “We are Underoath, and we are here.”

Like many bands operating within the heavy scene, Underoath have not escaped their fair share of tempestuous chops and changes, coming to a head in 2012 when the band announced their final tour.

Devout followers were left devastated, questioning the future of the group they had sworn such dedicated allegiance to. But, lo and behold, the boys bounced back two years later with the announcement of a new album, Erase Me. Not only did the news of a hiatus-ending album send a shockwave through the fan community, but it also happened to be the first time they had used strong language in their lyricism.

If you’re familiar with Underoath’s Christian rock roots, then this will make sense to you; many of their faith-oriented fans favoured the songs wrapped in Biblical verses. This jagged return marked the end of Underoath’s founding era – they were ditching the Christian rock identity for good.

Fast-forward to the present day, and we see Underoath resurrected in an evolved form. Their reinvention of Metalcore provides a deliciously innovative balance between light and dark, where a phoenix has risen from the settled ashes of a band once broken.

They have transformed the ink blots on their past into a vulnerability resonating with the masses that not all bands possess. For Underoath, the only way is up from here. And it’s a thrilling joy to watch them climb.

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