Triptykon, with the Metropole Orkest, see Requiem Live gain chart success

27 May 2020

Extreme Metal band Triptykon, backed by the Metropole Orkest, recently released the ‘Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019)’ album and the album has now charted in the top ten inthe official charts of both Germany and Switzerland.

The band tells us: “We feel deeply honoured about these news, not least due to the truly unique spirit of this project, its history that extends over three decades, and the rather non-commercial and dark nature of its subject matter, duration, and music.

“At the same time, we are fully aware that we owe the current international success of the ‘Requiem’ in its entirety to our audience. It is them who are making this possible and who, once again, embrace our music and efforts with so much love and dedication. We are truly infinitely grateful for this.”

The album marks a project over 30 years in the making. The legendary Celtic Frost/Triptykon ‘Requiem’ has been performed for the first time in its entirety and with full classical orchestration by the Dutch Metropole Orkest.

The piece is in three chapters. ‘Rex Irae’ first appeared on 87’s Celtic Frost album ‘Into The Pandemonium’. The middle chapter, titled ‘Grave Eternal’, is a newly written part, while ‘Winter’ comes from the 2006 Celtic Frost album ‘Monotheist’.

Watch ‘Rex Irae’ here:

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