The Psychotherapy Sessions: Surviving New Jersey During Mudvayne’s 2023 Tour

In April of 2021, Mudvayne reunited after a decade-long hiatus that shocked fans. In no time at all, they were touring with Rob Zombie’s Freaks on Parade tour to much success. Now they are headlining their own tour – The Psychotherapy Sessions – and it is coming to Camden, New Jersey on the 29 July. Here’s a short guide to Camden, for those visiting that weekend.

New Jersey’s Unique Entertainment

First and most importantly, what makes a New Jersey gig different from any other state or country? Travelling for gigs is part of the experience and it’s best when you can find entertainment that may not be available anywhere else. New Jersey has you covered.

New Jersey has a reputation for fun and games. A lot of this comes from Atlantic City, famous for its boardwalk and the casinos there. Additionally, online casinos are available anywhere in the state so finding a casino in New Jersey is easier than ever. They even have offers for newcomers, like 500 free spins that allow people to experience online casino games if they haven’t before.

Located right next to Philadelphia, visitors to Camden can also cross the Delaware for everything the city offers. Camden is also close enough to Atlantic City, an hour’s drive, so partaking in the entertainment available there is always an option for weekend stayers. With the boardwalk and the city itself, there’s a lot to do.

Camden’s Musical History

But if you’re in Camden for that weekend, you’re there for the music. Fortunately, Camden is one of the little-known places where modern recorded music became possible. Camden was the home of the Victor Talking Machine Co., later RCA Victor, and the birthplace of music’s earliest inventions that made metal (and all recording) possible. When Emile Berliner invented disc records in the 1880s, it was at Camden.

Now going by their old name, a modern version of the Victor Talking Machine Co. still exists and hosts performances at the Victor Vault, though they play much softer music given the company’s jazz and R&B background.

In nearby Glassboro, there’s also the free and public RCA heritage museum at Rowan University, where visitors can chart the invention of not just the technology but the business practices that made music a valued commodity.

Camden’s Battleship

For those interested in other historical sites, there are a few locations in Camden that can be enjoyed. The biggest is the USS New Jersey, or the Big J, which is a massive Iowa-class vessel on the Camden waterfront that is now open for tours. Compared to other battleship museums out there, the Big J has seen a lot more action from shelling Okinawa in WW2 to defending Tiger Island during the Vietnam War. It’s the most decorated battleship in US history.

Other historical highlights include the tomb of Walt Whitman and the beautiful interior of the St Joseph Polish Church, built in 1902. These all make for great daytime viewing before the sun goes down and the concert starts at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion.

Sleeve Notes

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