Sepultura Close The Heavy Metal Festival In Indonesia

Relive the Epic Moments of Jogjarockarta 2023: Sepultura, Overkill, and More Thrill Indonesian Metalheads. Plus Iron Voltage, BIP, Delusive Purity, Slank.Words and Photography: @umar_rachman @jogjarockartafestival @sepultura @overkillofficial @ironvoltage #BIP @delusivepurity @sfcpusat Cover Photo: Reza Kodok.

Max And Igor Cavalera Bring Classic Sepultura To KK’s

Legendary rock brothers Max and Igor Cavalera bring their Morbid Devastation Tour to KK's Steel MIll. True Sepultura nostalgia, Plus Incite and Recall The Remains. Words and Photography: @andyshaw16 @cavaleraconspiracy @incite_heavymetal @recalltheremains @kkssteelmill

Three Thrash Metal Legends in Monumental Jakarta Weekend

Experience the ultimate Thrash Metal extravaganza in Indonesia! Witness Testament, Sepultura, and Overkill rock two cities on Java island.

Crowbar – Sacred Reich – Sepultura – A legendary evening of Heavy Metal at KK’s Steel Mill

An evening of legends playing different types of Heavy Metal at KK's Steel Mill saw Crowbar with their take on Sludge Metal, some good old Thrash Metal from Sacred Reich and, of course, the heavy vibe of Sepultura. Photo: @andyshaw16 @sepultura @sacredreichofficial @crowbarmusic @kkssteelmill @k.k.downingsteelmill


Brazilian Heavy Metal band Sepultura have announced a series of 'SepulQuarta' sessions will be held every Wednesday. Accessed via the bands website, each week will contain insights from the bands history, a Q&A...

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