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Robin Trower / Tantalizing 50th Anniversary UK Shows Planned

Robin Trower UK Shows. From Bridge Of Sighs all the way up to Joyful Sky, Trower celebrates 50th Anniversary with three UK shows on May 2024. Question is, will we see Sari? Tantalizing. @robintroweruk @sarischorr @provogue_records

Sari Schorr: ‘The Greatest Thing For Me Was To See Robin Trower Happy’

Discover the magic behind Sari Schorr and Robin Trower's new album, Joyful Sky. From their roaring and purring performances to the story of their musical partnership, dive into the captivating interview with Sari as she shares her journey and the essence of true songwriting. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @sarischorr @robintroweruk @mascot_records

Robin Trower And Sari Schorr – Two Outstanding Artists, One Sublime Album

Joyful Sky. Discover the mesmerising synergy between guitar legend Robin Trower and powerhouse vocalist Sari Schorr in this soulful, blues-infused masterpiece. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @robintroweruk @sarischorr @mascotlabelgroup

Robin Trower Interview / “Trying to improve all the time, that’s the goal”

"Trying to improve all the time, that's the goal," Trower says discussing No More Worlds To Conquer. "Trying to get it to be the best you can be.""I listened to it again and decided that I could improve on it. I dropped four songs and put in some new ones that I had written." @robintroweruk @provogue_records

Trower proves that age is no barrier to class with stunning new album

Robin Trower – No More Worlds To Conquer album review. Eleven tracks show once more that when it comes to quality, age is no barrier.This may be one of Trower's best works. It's that good. @robintroweruk @provogue_records

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