Legends Of Rock

Legends Of Rock 2024 / Sunday A Sensational Triumph

Sunday closes an unforgettable weekend of rock music at Legends Of Rock Festival 2024 in Great Yarmouth. From classics to new hits, it was a non-stop party.Words: @sarajanehardingtvproducer and Gavin Archer Photography: @punkrocksal @legendsofrockuk

Legends Of Rock 2024 / Saturday Always Begins At The Pool

A wild ride through the best performances on Saturday at Legends Of Rock Festival 2024, including epic sets by Davy K Project, V8, and Live Wire. Rock on! Words: @sarajanehardingtvproducer and Gavin Archer Photography: @punkrocksal @legendsofrockuk

Legends Of Rock 2024 / Friday Brings Hurricane Yarmeggedon

Rock out with The Davidson Trio, Twister, and more at Legends Of Rock 2024. From blues rock to high-octane performances, a day filled with electrifying music and unforgettable moments! Words: @sarajanehardingtvproducer and Gavin Archer Photography: @punkrocksal @legendsofrockuk

Legends Of Rock 2024 / The Exodus To Great Yarmouth

Experience the ultimate rock festie at Legends Of Rock in Great Yarmouth. Four days of non-stop music and fun in a 5-star setting. Now in its twelfth year. Words: @sarajanehardingtvproducer Photography: @punkrocksal @legendsofrockuk

Archive / A Tribute To Legends Of Rock: Great Yarmouth

Legends Of Rock. Get ready for the ultimate rockstravaganza! Join thousands of fans for days of music and madness at the sold-out festival in Great Yarmouth

Legends Of Rock / Sunday, Scream for me Great Yarmouth

A nice easy way to ease into Sunday is by seeing Hi-on Maiden take us through the Iron Maiden's setlist. Words: Sara Harding Photography: @punkrocksal @legendsofrockuk

Legends Of Rock / Saturday and caravan parties until six in the morning

And so to Saturday, and it's day 3 of Leg-ends, and what better breakfast can you have than a dose of tributes to Metallica, Muse and Guns N' Roses, who raised the roof of the V Arena? Words: Sara Harding Photography: @punkrocksal @legendsofrockuk

Legends Of Rock / Friday – Terrific tribute acts, snakes and guillotines

Festival season at the award-winning Legends Of Rock is well and truly underway at Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth. Friday and some stellar tribute acts.. Words: Sara Harding Photography: @punkrocksal @legendsofrockuk

Thursday / A Tribute to Legends Of Rock 2023, Great Yarmouth

Early March, and that means one thing for me and thousands of other live music fans - time to kick off festie season with the award-winning Legends Of Rock. Words: Sara Harding Photography: @punkrocksal @legendsofrockuk

Legends Of Rock 2022, a festival created by the fans, for the fans

Live Review: Legends Of Rock, Great Yarmouth. 2-7 March 2022. It's so wonderful to see the world of live rock music re-opening.We are back enjoying and supporting all the musicians who've struggled during the pandemic. @legendsofrockuk @punkrocksal

Rockdown Festival and the love which corporate events just cannot recreate

Out of the pandemic, yet another incredible festival is launched rather aptly entitled Rockdown. From the creators of the award-winning event Legends Of Rock, Eddie and Elaine Yates, this event was announced...

Unleashed in the East of England

The storms may have died down over Britain but Legends of Rock, aka Yarmageddon number nine threatened to upend all the caravans in the park.Words: Sara Harding and Liz Medhurst Photos: Sally NewhouseWe...

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