Lee Aaron

Lee Aaron / Canada’s Metal Queen Continues To Surprise

Album Review: Lee Aaron: Tattoo Me reimagines classics with a twist. From Zeppelin to Hole, her smoky vocals and fresh takes breathe new life into old favorites. Words: @hutchie224 @leeaaron.music @metalvillerecords

Interview: Lee Aaron Dives Into Covers On Tattoo Me

Interview: Lee Aaron - Tattoo Me features unique covers from Fleetwood Mac to Led Zeppelin, showcasing her interpretation of classic hits with a twist. Interview: @hutchie224 @leeaaron.music @metalvillerecords

Lee Aaron / Elevate shows that class is permanent

Lee Aaron - Elevate is another rich seam of radio-friendly rockers which continues the form that she's been demonstrating since her return to music in 2016. @leeaaron.music Photo: @inglisnomad @metalvillerecords

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