John Wetton

John Wetton / Discovering The Gems In The Bonus Discs

Uncover the hidden treasures of John Wetton's boxset with the captivating bonus discs. Experience soulful covers, acoustic guitar masterpieces, and rare demos that showcase his incredible musical diversity.

John Wetton / The Legacy Of His Solo Albums

Album Review: John Wetton: An Extraordinary Life - A Must-Have 8 CD Boxset Celebrating the Pioneering Music of an Iconic UK Musician. Part One - The Solo Albums. Words: Adrian Stonley @johnwettonlegacy

An Extraordinary Life: The Inspiring Legacy of Musician John Wetton

The poignant and inspiring life of John Wetton in An Extraordinary Life book. A must-read for music lovers and those seeking hope in troubled times. Out Now! Words: @rock_pixs

John Wetton Memorial Concert features a lineup of legends

A tribute to John Wetton, featuring a star-studded lineup and special guests. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime memorial concert, live-streamed worldwide

John Wetton / Official book about legendary singer and bass player announced

With contributions from over seventy people who knew and worked with John Wetton, An Extraordinary Life promises tales of friendship, music and sometimes craziness. @johnwettonlegacy

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