From The Abyss / Jools Green looks back at a year of Extreme Metal

From The Abyss - 2022 in Extreme Metal. 2022 has been another superb year for music releases and, even more so, live events with bands back doing what they love.

Agathodaimon / “It was awesome,” Sathonys says of working again with Vlad Dracul

INTERVIEW: Sathonys from Agathodaimon. "It was awesome," Sathonys says of working again with Vlad Dracul.With The Seven, "my focus was to close the gap between our old roots and a modern approach." @agathodaimonofficial @napalmrecordsofficial @ashtrael_agathodaimon @martin.wickler

Agathodaimon make a welcome return with The Seven

Album Review: German Dark Metal outfit Agathodaimon return from their eight-year hiatus with their seventh studio release, The Seven.Overall, The Seven makes an engaging and intriguing listen and a welcome return by Agathodaimon. @agathodaimonofficial @napalmrecordsofficial

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