Premiere / MuddiBrooke Unleash The Fierce Sound Of ADHD In Captivating New Video

Described recently by MetalTalk as “honest, passionate, and utterly captivating,” we are excited to present the new video for ADHD by the incredible MuddiBrooke. This track is not only captivating to listen to but also emotionally resonates with Brooke’s intent of conveying her personal experience with ADHD. She aimed to encapsulate the essence of living with ADHD, and the result is nothing short of compelling.

MuddiBrooke’s usual style unleashes a fierce alternative rock sound, propelled by the commanding guitar riffs of lead singer Brooke, the pulsating bass grooves of Anna Melidone, and the dynamic drumming of Morgan Pettigrew.

Muddibrooke - Cover of new single ADHD
MuddiBrooke – ADHD – “The energetic riffs and rhythms mirror the sensation of hyperactivity.”

However, the new single ADHD shows the band in a more punk-driven frame of mind. The lyrics delve into the unique experience of living with ADHD, offering a window into Brooke’s whirlwind of thoughts and sensations. The energetic riffs and rhythms mirror the sensation of hyperactivity and a touch of lunacy, painting a vivid sonic picture.

“I was writing a completely different song when I hit a wall and couldn’t get any further with it,” Brooke told us. “I was tearing my hair out, and I said to myself, ‘fucking ADHD’. So, I started writing a new song.”

Muddibrooke - The Patriot, Crumlin - 1 September 2023
Muddibrooke – The Patriot, Crumlin – 1 September 2023. Photo: Paul Hutchings/MetalTalk

Brooke explained how this was a late diagnosis. “I was only diagnosed with ADHD a couple of years back,” she says. “It was during lockdown that I stumbled into an internet wormhole and found a lot of people talking about it. They had the same symptoms as me.

“Once I was diagnosed, I had a lot of mixed emotions. I was sad because I wish I had known sooner and I wish I could have told that little girl that she wasn’t stupid or slow. But I also felt relieved that I wasn’t lazy or rude. I just can’t help it sometimes.”

In the verses, the lyrics cascade in a stream of consciousness, racing at a brisk tempo that mirrors the thought process of someone bearing such a diagnosis. However, as the song progresses, it subtly interjects a more human touch, hinting at moments of self-doubt and anxiety, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative.

“The song has a chaotic feel about it, especially towards the end,” Brooke says. “I wanted to capture how it feels for me to have ADHD and have multiple, overlapping thoughts, all at the same time.”

ADHD is taken from MuddiBrooke’s debut album, set to be unleased in 2024.

October 2023 is International ADHD Awareness Month. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a condition that can persist throughout a person’s life. Often, symptoms begin in childhood and persist into adolescence and adulthood.

Research indicates that individuals with ADHD are at a higher risk of developing mental health challenges. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, conduct disorder (characterized by persistent antisocial, aggressive, or defiant behaviour), substance abuse, and sleep disturbances are more frequently observed in individuals with ADHD.

For more details on ADHD and mental health visit MIND.ORG.UK.

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