Pour some olives on me / Def Leppard to release two premium gins

Celebrating the Def Leppard 45th Anniversary in 2022, Brands For Fans are releasing two premium gin products which will leave Leppard fans London High ‘n’ Dry.

Animal is a classic London Dry Gin with a high intensity of flavours. The grain-based distillate is heavy with juniper, lemon, and botanicals. It is spicy, big, and bold and has all the classic gin characters you should expect in a London Dry Gin.

Rocket is a premium distilled gin with a high intensity of flavours. Also, with this gin, the grain-based distillate is bold with juniper and herbaceous tones. Taking inspiration from the lavender labyrinths in Sheffield (Manor Lodge), and to get an even more developed experience of botanical character, additional flavours of lavender and lemon are macerated and blended with the distillate. There are no added sweeteners, ensuring the purest quality of liquid.

Brands for Fans worked with Epic Rights, a licensing agency of Def Leppard, to develop these products.

If you have a better Def Leppard Gin pun, please leave your comments below!

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