MetalTalk And National Rail Reunite Romantic Pair With Lost Ring

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day for the romantics. Marie Guillauma and Seth Maile are one such couple, though it took an intervention from MetalTalk to turn disaster into triumph.

“I was on the way home from a fantastic evening with British Lion and Tony Moore at the legendary Cart & Horses,” MetalTalk Editor Steve Ritchie said. “The train was pulling into Highbury & Islington station and I began slowly walking towards the door. I had my headphones on, was listening to music and generally basking in the warmth you get after a great live show.

“A young romantic couple were standing by the edge of the platform. I could see the girl was playing with something in her hands, and at that moment, I saw something fall, bounce twice and fall down the gap between the edge of the platform and the train.”

The object was a ring. The ring was a Claddagh Ring, symbolising loyalty, love, friendship, fidelity and a joyful Irish heritage. “We had to get on the train,” Steve said. “I think I felt a bit helpless. There was nothing much you could do.”

Seth was comforting Marie. “I just thought that we should do something practical,” Steve said. “It seemed to make sense to tell someone the exact door we got on and what time the train left. You would think that then, the station staff would know the exact spot to locate the ring.”

Steve sent messages to National Rail using X, formerly Twitter. National Rail responded quickly. “I told them the door and what train we were on. They passed that on to the team at the station. I passed them Seth’s phone number, too, so they could arrange collection.”

Steve received a message from Seth around midnight. “Amazing,” said Seth. I’m on the phone with them now. I am very grateful for your help.”

The ring was recovered, which Seth and Marie collected a few days later. Sometimes, social media does have the power of goodness.

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