The legendary American Progressive Rock band Kansas have released the track ‘Throwing Mountains’, taken from their highly anticipated new album ‘The Absence of Presence’ which is due out 26 June.

‘The Absence Of Presence’ is the follow up to ‘The Prelude Implicit’, released in 2014, which entered Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart at number 14 in the .

‘Throwing Mountains’ is a great track and is sure to whet the appetite of Progressive Rock fans worldwide and the band told us they excited to share the song.

Guitarist Zak Rizvi told MetalTalk: “’Throwing Mountains’ might be one of the heaviest songs KANSAS has ever recorded. At over six minutes long, I like to consider it a bit of a Kansas mini-epic.

Rizvi wrote the music for the song with lyrics by keyboardist Tom Brislin and drummer Phil Ehart.

Tom Brislin told us: “It’s very straight forward, ‘get your confidence going, take on any obstacle, conquer the world’ song. It’s pretty timely in the world, today.”

“The song is so much fun to play,” added bassist Billy Greer. “The riff is like ‘Thunder of the Gods’ but dynamic at the same time.”

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As for the album, Ronnie Platt is expecting it to turn a few heads, telling us: “I think people will really be surprised by the album. It shows the band firing on all cylinders.”

Track Listing:
1.) The Absence of Presence
2.) Throwing Mountains
3.) Jets Overhead
4.) Propulsion 1
5.) Memories Down the Line
6.) Circus of Illusion
7.) Animals on the Roof
8.) Never
9.) The Song the River Sang

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