John ‘Rhino’ Edwards / Quo bassist talks about rocking out to support the live music industry

28 November 2020

John ‘Rhino’ Edwards, the esteemed bass player from Status Quo, has released the single ‘Super Smashing Great’ in support of Stagehand, the original live production welfare and benevolent fund.

The Rhino’s Revenge song, which calls out “The fun prevention officer” from Number 10, can be purchased at with all proceeds supporting the charity’s COVID-19 Crew Relief Fund.

Rhino told MetalTalk: “Rock Out To Help Out! The live music industry is on its knees. That’s a fact.

“It is one of the few areas we have left where Britain is still a world beater, but we are well down the pecking order of Government help.

“We have to do something. We can moan as much as we like, but actions speak louder than words.

“I’ve written a new song for Rhino’s Revenge, the band I play with when I’m not playing with Status Quo. The song’s called ‘Super Smashing Great’ and pretty much sums up my feelings on the present situation.

“Have a listen to it and a look at the lyric video below. Hopefully, it will put a smile on your face.

“What I would really like you all to do is BUY it. You remember that? When we all used to BUY music? It won’t even cost you a quid. Less than the price of a small beer.

“‘Super Smashing Great’ was recorded to raise money for the backbone of the live music industry – the crews – in these extraordinary times. All proceeds from views and sales of the song will go directly to them via the charity Stagehand’s Covid-19 Crew Relief Fund.

“Please support it by forwarding the video link to everyone in your contacts books, across all media, social and otherwise.

“If you want the live music scene to come back, put your hand in your digital pocket.

“Spread the word, make a difference and Rock Out To Help Out.”

You can donate directly to the fund here:

Buy ‘Super Smashing Great here:

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