Jeff Pilson On ‘How Great The End Machine Would Be Live’

The End Machine have just shared Killer Of The Night, the second single and video from their forthcoming album The Quantum Phase. This is an album that Editor Steve Ritchie has been banging on about for weeks at MetalTalk Towers as a must-listen.

This song just screams out to be played live. The ‘whoa whoa’ in the chorus just makes you feel like rushing the stage, arms aloft, singing along. Jeff has his cool bass licks in there, and Steve Brown is fantastic on the drums.

It’s Girish Pradhan who, as evidenced by just the two singles released so far, has lit the spark to inspire George Lynch to some inspirational moments.

This is but one of The Quantum Phase songs that deserves to be heard live. Given the landscape is difficult, I asked Jeff Pilson what the chances were for some live shows in an extensive soon-to-be-aired interview.

“Yes, the landscape is difficult,” Jeff said. “The logistics are difficult. That’s the difficult part about a band like this playing live. You know, Girish lives in India. There’s a lot of logistics.

“This year, I don’t think playing live is a possibility for The End Machine. But having said that, this is gonna be my last year of full-on nine months of the year on the road with Foreigner. This is our last year of that.”

Jeff Pilson With Foreigner
Jeff Pilson With Foreigner. Photo: Jody Wilk/MetalTalk

“This is the last year of George doing long tours with the Lynch Mob. He’s doing his Farewell Ride Tour. So, we will see. Maybe in 2025, our schedules will open up a little bit. 

“Again, the logistics are very, very difficult, so I couldn’t ever promise anything. But I can assure you that we would love to do it because we know how great it would be live if we did.” 

The End Machine – The Quantum Phase – Will be released on 8 March 2024 through Frontiers Music Srl.

Pre-orders are available from here.

The End Machine album cover.
The End Machine – The Quantum Phase, out March 2024

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