Midlanders HVMM are the first British act signed to US label ILA and are now set to release their debut EP this summer.


‘Talk To Me Like I’m Dead’ will be available to pre-order from tomorrow, 28th April 2017, but in the meantime, we are premiering the first release from the EP, ‘Lacerate’, today and here it is. Press play and discover their ballsy, bolshy sound for yourself.

HVMM are out to redefine the next generation and ‘Lacerate’ is a perfect example of their irrepressible and relentless energy and charged sound.

Sam and Andy told us:

“‘Lacerate’ is a song, ‘Talk To Me Like I’m Dead’ is a small selection of songs. Try limiting any preconceived ideas when listening to them and enjoy them for what they may or may not be to you.

“Or choose to get suckered in by some standard marketing bullshit to help lead you down the road like a two-year-old, needing constant guidance when learning to use a knife and fork.”


Rather than musical connection bringing Sam and Andy together, it was a game of fisticuffs and an expensive bill for broken glasses that saw their paths cross.

Shortly after Ebony stalked Andy in record stores and begged to be in the band. Jack went about it in a more conventional manner, but did boot his namesake out of the line-up.

However, once together they all shared the one goal of simply being bigger and bolder than any other act on the circuit and ‘Lacerate’ shows they mean business.

You can catch HVMM live at:
11th May: HRH Road Trip, Ibiza
3rd June: Camden Rocks Festival, London
17th June: Proud, Camden Town, London
1st July: The Prince Of Wales Kettering
22nd July: Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
2nd August: Robin 2, Wolverhampton
5th August: Iron Road, Evesham

HVMM are:
Andy Teece – Vocals/Guitar
Ebony Clay – Lead Guitar
Jack Timmis – Bass
Samuel Jenkins – Drums

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