Gypsy's Kiss 50th Anniversary Plus Very Special Guests | The Cart & Horses

27apr7:00 pm11:00 pmGypsy's Kiss 50th Anniversary Plus Very Special Guests | The Cart & HorsesThe Cart & Horses

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On April 27, 2024, The Cart & Horses, affectionately known as The Birthplace Of Iron Maiden, will host a monumental Gypsy’s Kiss celebration that promises to be an unforgettable night for Heavy Metal enthusiasts.

This historic venue, deeply entwined with the roots of one of the most influential bands in the heavy metal scene, Iron Maiden, will open its doors to a night of nostalgia, music, and camaraderie, celebrating the legacy that began in the very heart of London’s East End.

The event will feature a headlining performance by Gypsy’s Kiss, the band that stands at the very top of the Iron Maiden family tree. Gypsy’s Kiss, originally formed by David Smith and Steve Harris before he went on to found Iron Maiden, played a pivotal role in the formative years of what would become the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM).

Their music, a testament to the raw energy and creativity of the era, will transport attendees back to the days when Heavy Metal was redefining the boundaries of rock music.

The celebration will not only showcase the musical prowess of Gypsy’s Kiss, who have recently enjoyed a resurgence, but also serve as a homage to the legacy of Iron Maiden.

This event is a must-attend for anyone who holds a deep appreciation for the roots of Heavy Metal and wishes to celebrate the enduring legacy of Iron Maiden and their progenitors.

Fans will have the opportunity to meet fellow aficionados, share stories, and enjoy a night filled with the kind of electrifying performances that can only be found at The Cart & Horses.

As the music plays and the beer flows, the air will be charged with the spirit of the NWOBHM, reminding everyone why this era, and Iron Maiden in particular, has left an indelible mark on the music world.

Be sure to mark your calendars for April 27, 2024, and prepare to step into a night of Heavy Metal history at The Cart & Horses.

It’s not just a celebration; it’s a pilgrimage for the die-hard fans, a gathering of the clan, and a testament to the undying spirit of Heavy Metal music.

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April 27, 2024 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm(GMT+00:00)


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