Coming Soon / Adrian Smith on Iron Maiden, Edwin Outwater on Metallica’s S&M2

With Metallica’s S&M2 released this Friday (28 August) and Adrian Smith’s ‘Monsters Of River and Rock’ autobiography due out 3 September, MetalTalk have been busy and we have two exciting interviews due for publication in the coming days. 

Edwin Outwater is the visionary conductor who has reinvented the concert experience with major orchestras and institutions throughout the world. As conductor of the San Francisco Symphony on the recording of Metallica’s S&M2, we have an exclusive MetalTalk TV interview coming up, hosted by Brandon Oberkrieser, where Edwin talks about managing the SF Symphony for the Metallica experience and how he is honoured to carry the torch for this S&M2 project.

Edwin Outwater, from the San Francisco Symphony
Edwin Outwater, San Francisco Symphony

Edwin on his background with Rock music… “For me I don’t pretend to be a Rock musician, or a Jazz musician, I’m just a fan and I love it… I mean I can play along with it but, you know, I’m a classical musician who can work with those people…. you know, where my skill is as a musician is classical, but you know, everything sort of blends, and that can add a lot to a Rock experience, and vice versa.”

Adrian Smith’s eagerly awaited autobiography is to be released 3 September and MetalTalk will be covering this in full. We have a full interview with Adrian and Kahmel Farahani coming up and we will report on what you will find in the book.

Adrian told MetalTalk: “I was a bit down on my luck when I bumped into Dave and Steve again and this time I said “I’ll be ready if you need me” and that was that.

“Just goes to show sometimes it just takes a little bit of luck, a bit like fishing really. Sometimes you just bump into someone and get talking.”

Keep your eyes out on MetalTalk this week.

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