Black Mirrors sophomore album a clear statement impacting everyone living on our planet

Brussels-based Black Mirrors will release their sophomore studio album, Tomorrow Will Be Without Us, on 4 November 2022 via Napalm Records. Fronted by extraordinary vocalist Marcella Di Troia, Black Mirrors new album fluxes from fierce and blustery to often gentle and calming, channelling the flavour of MTV’s mid-’90s glory era.

The second single, Lost In Desert, has just been released. The song is about finding an asylum where there’s nothing but an open space to think. The captivating video finds Marcella interacting with a buzzard. “I always felt close to buzzards,” Marcella says. “I always find solace when I hear them and see them in the sky. They bring me hope and light in bad times and help me take some distance with my issues. That’s why I wanted to have one in our video.”

Black Mirrors. Tomorrow Will Be Without Us
Black Mirrors. Tomorrow Will Be Without Us

The band say The Doors have provided visual inspiration. “The faceless people idea is inspired by People Are Strange by The Doors,” the band said. “When you’re down, everyone appears wicked and scary, and you just want to avoid them. You want to find a place to hide, an asylum per se.”

The mood of Lost In Desert and the video is based on introspection. “For this song, Pierre [Lateur, guitar] found the inspiration in the Tabernas desert in Spain,” the band said. “Years ago, we shot the video of Moonstone there, and the hugeness of the area inspired the mood of Lost In Desert.”

Lost In Desert is the follow-up single to Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You. “The energy of the Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You video is pretty close to what you can expect from a live show of Black Mirrors,” the band said. Furthermore, we focused on what’s behind the lyrics. The colours, mainly yellow and red, were used as a symbol of the burning of our forest, our planet. One of the outfits Marcella’s wearing is a nod to the last mass extinction to warn us of the 6th mass extinction we are currently living in. At the end, she even changes into a tree to embody the return to nature.”

Tomorrow Will Be Without Us is a clear statement impacting everyone living on our planet.

“Like all of us, we had to go through a lot during these past years,” the band said. “Tomorrow Will Be Without Us is our answer to all the questions we had during that time, our reflection on the ecological catastrophe we’re all witnessing, and our thoughts on our consumerist society.

“Writing these songs gave us the strength to go forward and to heal us. It was our catharsis. We deeply hope it will bring you some light in these dark times.”

Album Release Shows

03.11.2022 (DE) Hamburg – Headcrash
04.11.2022 (DE) Berlin – Cassiopeia
18.11.2022 (BE) Brussels – Botanique

Black Mirrors:

Marcella Di Troia (Vocals)

Pierre Lateur (Lead Guitar)

Yannick Carpentier (Drums)

Pierre Guillaume (Guitar, Synths, Backing Vocals)

Marcella Di Troia, Black Mirrors. Photo: Tim Tronckoe
Marcella Di Troia, Black Mirrors. Photo: Tim Tronckoe

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