Former Rainbow, Deep Purple and Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Joe Lynn Turner has clearly recovered from the illness that forced him to cut short his recent UK tour as he gave an interview to Finland’s Kaaos TV prior to his April 24th concert at Leipätehdas in Vaasa, Finland.

And inevitably, the question of a much talked about (mainly by JLT) Rainbow reunion cropped up. Joe said: “The real talk is that it’s probable. We are talking, but we have not sat in the same room yet to discuss anything.

“And we could get in this room and we could say, ‘Well, there’s nothing.’

“We could get in this room and say, ‘Well, there’s this,’ or, ‘There’s that,’ or, ‘There’s a reunion,’ or there’s just a Blackmore-Turner album, or there’s some remakes, or there’s nothing at all.

“So we haven’t gotten into that room yet. But we’re talking, so there’s fingers crossed.”

So good to have that cleared up then…

So much tosh and drivel has been said about the Rainbow reunion and Joe’s words have been distorted and sensationalised by the “tabloid” elements of the music press while the cynical amongst us may suggest that JLT has instigated the talk in order to publicise his recent touring activity without there being any real foundation to it.

Ritchie Blackmore, the man who holds all the keys to any reunion, has so far remained silent on the matter.

MetalTalk went to see JLT at his recent London show and asked him directly whether the reunion was on and you can see what he said in our review here, including some gloriously indiscreet comments Joe made about Mrs Blackmore and her mother.

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