The Damn Truth

The Damn Truth / First UK headline tour a launchpad to the stars

The Damn Truth – Black Heart, Camden, London - 28 October 2022. Their journey to the stars has already been well and truly lifted from the launchpad. Photo: @philhonley Words: @pmonkhouse1 @thedamntruth

The Damn Truth / Montreal rockers October UK Tour announced

Fresh from their February UK tour with King King, Montreal rockers The Damn Truth return to these shores in October for two Planet Rock Rocktober gigs, three dates with King King and will headline a number of their own shows. @thedamntruth @kingkinguk

King King and The Damn Truth, the future of rock is in very safe hands.

This is what electricity was invented for. Two years after the whole world changed forever, it seems like we're certainly coming back to some sort of normality and the packed audience at the acoustically perfect and architecturally impressive Apex were there to just soak up every note.@kingkinguk @thedamntruth @pmonkhouse1 Photography: @harvs.photos

The Damn Truth / All facial hair removed for new single Tomorrow

The Damn Truth has released a video for their new single Tomorrow, which shows a journey from the '60s to the '90s musical eras. The film was directed by Ariel Levesque and...

The Damn Truth / New video shows band upside down

The Damn Truth has released the video for the single 'This Is Who We Are Now'. The film, created by I/O Studio, features the band performing upside down in a 360 degree rotating...

The Damn Truth to join King King for their Feb 2022 UK Tour

The Damn Truth are to join King King on their nine-date February 2022 UK tour.Singer and guitarist Lee-la Baum said, "We're looking forward to touring the UK with King King. We can't...

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