Silent Skies

Album Of The Week / Silent Skies’ Nectar is a seductive and heartfelt album

Album Review: Doubtful that you'll hear a more seductive and heartfelt album than Nectar by Silent Skies all year. Tom S. Englund and Vikram Shankar work their magic on ten tracks that are breath-taking in their beauty.

Silent Skies / Englund and Shankar discuss their marriage made in Heaven

Silent Skies, the collaboration between Tom S. Englund and Vikram Shankar, release their album 'Satellites' today (11 December 2020).As you can read about here, this is a marriage made in Heaven, as the...

Silent Skies / One of the most beautiful and seductively shimmering releases of 2020.

Evergrey frontman Tom S. Englund must be one of the busiest men in music. Not only does he lead the magnificent Gothenburg Prog Metallers but also has sung for the L.A. based...

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