Marcela Bovio

Marcela Bovio / On Teaching, Overcoming Cancer And Solo Album

Interview: Marcela Bovio - Part Two: Unveiling the Authenticity of Live Vocals, Overcoming Challenges, and Inspiring the Next Generation of Metalheads. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @marcelabovio

Marcela Bovio / From Childhood Passion To Heavy Metal Stardom

Marcela Bovio started her musical journey when she was five. Her godfather pointed her parents towards some musical training for her and her sister, Diana. "I am so happy that he did...

Marcela Bovio / Out of the darkness, motivated and excited

Mexican singer Marcela Bovio has been a well-known talent in the Metal scene for some time now through her work with Stream Of Passion, Ayreon, Mayan and many others. Following the release of...

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