Elegant Weapons

Elegant Weapons Make UK Debut at Steelhouse Festival 2023

Elegant Weapons at Steelhouse Festival 2023 - Sunday. An electrifying UK debut with killer War Pigs finale. They delivered a powerhouse Heavy Metal performance.Photo: @hutchie224 and @photos.bygeoo@steelhousefest @hutchie224 @photos.bygeoo #steelhousefestival2023 @elegantweaponsband @falconfaulkner @ro_ck_nnie @davey_rimmer @cwilliamsdrums

Hellfest 2023 / Elegant Weapons – Faulkner, Romero and Co power up

The electrifying performance of Elegant Weapons at Hellfest 2023, featuring Judas Priest's Richie Faulkner & Ronnie Romero. Don't miss this supergroup in action Photo: @photos.bygeoo#hellfest #hellfest23 #openair #festival #france #clisson @hellfestopenair @kahmel_farahani @bluejademedia @elegantweaponsband @falconfaulkner @ro_ck_nnie @davey_rimmer @cwilliamsdrums

Elegant Weapons / Horns For A Halo shows this supergroup mean business

Supergroup Elegant Weapons mean business on stellar debut album, Horns For A Halo. Richie Faulkner, Ronnie Romero and a great mix of old-school and modern Metal. Words: @hutchie224 @elegantweaponsband @falconfaulkner @ro_ck_nnie @davey_rimmer @cwilliamsdrums @nuclearblastrecords

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