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jools green
11th April 2018
Jools Green


Greece's black 'n' thrash duo Nigredo have come out guns blazing with their debut full length 'Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced' and their take no prisoners attitude that prevailed on 2015 EP 'Facets of Death' continues once more.

It's an eight track forty-one minute onslaught from the already proven, accomplished duo of 'A' from Ravencult covering all guitars and vocals and Maelstrom of Embrace of Thorns and Dephosphorus to name just a few of his myriad bands, covering drum duties.

Sound-wise it's a brutal melding of elements of death and thrash Metal into a blackened core delivered with a raw intensity, particularly A's acerbic rasping vocalisations.

All tracks are well-constructed and delivered at a maniacal pace, led by unrelenting rhythm work and complex structured drum patterns that match and complement those riffs, Maelstrom is one singularly accomplished drummer.

Overall it's a decent listen but a few tracks do stand out for me. The opener 'Ten Repellent Antiforces' is a classically delivered black 'n' thrash onslaught that goes straight for the throat, a perfect opening piece that gets your attention immediately.

The dirty, slightly groovy and black as hell 'Mental Glimpses At Cosmic Horrors' has some of the best riff combinations of the album and when it ebbs away midway does so in a wonderfully bleak manner.

The dark and sinister 'Mental Glimpses At Cosmic Horrors' and the soaring 'Towards The Monolith' are punctuated with some superbly punchy riffs, and all are well garnished with those impressively combined drum patterns from Maelstrom.

Track Listing:
Ten Repellent Antiforces
Choronzon Possession
Mental Glimpses At Cosmic Horrors
Saturnian Death Cult
Sons Of Worthlessness
Towards The Monolith
Raging Tides Of Time

'Flesh Torn - Spirit Pierced' is available on Transcending Obscurity Records from 15 April.




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