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Protector / Excessive Outburst Of Depravity shows you can’t keep a good thrasher down

Protector - Excessive Outburst Of Depravity (High Roller Records). Album Review.You can't keep a good thrasher down, they say, something that goes doubly for Thrash Metal veterans Protector. @protectorofdeath666 @highrollerrecordsofficial

Conjurer / The future of Metal is safe, with Páthos an album worthy of the hype

Album review. Conjurer – Páthos (Nuclear Blast). Release Date: 1 July 2022. UK Quartet demonstrate the future of Heavy Metal is safe in their hands, says Paul Hutchings@conjureruk @hutchie224 @nuclearblastrecords

Ian Danter / Rule Of Three enhances this summer’s soundtrack nicely

Album Review. Ian Danter - Rule Of Three. All in all a highly recommended album. The blood, sweat and tears involved have given a result that is all good with nothing bad or ugly.Review by @liz_medhurst. @talkdants

Porcupine Tree / Should Wilson, Barbieri and Harrison have let sleeping progs lie?

Album review. Porcupine Tree – Closure / Continuation (Music For Nations / Sony). Should Wilson, Barbieri and Harrison have let sleeping progs lie? @porcupinetreeofficial Review: Robert Adams.

MetalTalk Album Of The Week – Devil’s Train – Ashes & Bones

The train on platform 666 to South Dakota is about to leave. All aboard the Devil's Train.It's out today, so go get it, or Lucifer will not be best pleased. @devils.train @dan_baune @rockofangelsrecords

Khold – Svartsyn – “The thing I love so much about their sound? The atmosphere

Album review - Khold – Svartsyn (Soulseller). Norwegian Black Metal outfit Khold finally returns after eight years with a follow-up to the icily superb Til Endes.@kholdofficial @soulsellerrecords

Coheed And Cambria continue epic Amory Wars saga with a genuine genre-skipping masterpiece

Album review. Coheed And Cambria release their tenth album Vaxis II: A Window Of The Waking Mind pick ups where 2018s Vaxis I: The Unheavenly Creatures left off.@roadrunnerrecords @coheed

Iconic / Second Skin is a great ensemble of talent and tunes

Iconic - Second Skin. A great ensemble of talent and tunes featuring Michael Sweet, Joel Hoekstra, Marco Mendoza, Tommy Aldridge and Nathan James.@iconicofficialmusic @michaelsweetstryper @joelhoekstra13 @marcomendozaofficial #TommyAldridge @thenathanjames @brian_boyle_72

Album Of The Week / The seriously underrated Exocrine release The Hybrid Suns

Seriously underrated, there is an enormous skill, technical mastery and experimentation involved in their work.@exocrine_official @uniqueleaderrecords #TechnicalDeathMetal

Infanteria build huge Thrash Metal songs on Patriarch

Infanteria release Patriarch (Independent Release) on 17 June 2022.An album that gets better on every listen, and if you enjoy Thrash Metal with a bit more to it, then this is an album for you. @infanteriametal

Stillborn / Cultura de la Muerte, an engagingly brutal assault on the senses

Album review: Stillborn - Cultura de la Muerte (Godz Ov War Productions). Release Date: 10 June 2022. This is an engagingly brutal assault on the senses.@godz_ov_war_productions #Stillborn

Soulfly box set demonstrates Max Cavalera’s important place in the Metal hierarchy

Soulfly – The Soul Remains Insane. There is enough here to demonstrate why the Brazilian icon remains an important member of the Metal hierarchy almost 40 years since he started making his own form of extreme music. @thesoulflytribe @bmguk

GWAR / Alien Lords and Masters demand your unfettered attention

Album Review - GWAR - The New Dark Ages. If you love GWAR, this will be a welcome addition to the collection and will heighten the anticipation of the forthcoming UK shows. @gwar

Crobot / Feel This “for me, is the best album so far this year”

Crobot - Feel This album review. (Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group). Pottsville rockers Robot deliver what, for me, is the best album so far this year.@crobotband @mascotlabelgroup

Malignant Aura / Abysmal Misfortune Is Draped Upon Me is superbly bleak and haunting

Malignant Aura. Abysmal Misfortune Is Draped Upon Me is a magnificently unnerving hulk of Death Doom that creeps slowly upon you, smothering you with its bleak, shadowy and haunting grandeur. @malignantaura666 @bitterlossrecords

Def Leppard / Diamond Star Halos an eclectic triumph from one of music’s finest institutions

Def Leppard will never make a better album than Hysteria, but Diamond Star Halos is the closest they've come since Adrenalize.Def Leppard - Diamond Star Halos (UMV - Mercury) @defleppard @brian_boyle_72

Album Of The Week / The Heretic Order release III – Let the nightmares begin

Album Review: The Heretic Order - III (Massacre Records)Ignore this album at your peril because Dominus DF Ragnar knows where you live. Let the nightmares begin. @thehereticorder @massacrerecordseurope

Bridear / Aegis Of Athena cracks things wide open – resistance is futile

Bridear / Aegis Of Athena album review. @pmonkhouse1Bridear have completed the next stage of their evolution, one that should further crack things wide open for them. @bridear_jp @orion_setsuzoku
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