The Owen Guns / “All of a sudden you are Gordon Ramsey? F**k off!”

Having caused quite a stir, to put it mildly, with their previous EP ‘Violating Community Standards in August last year, the hilariously outspoken Australian Hardcore Punks The Owen Guns are determined to keep up the good work with their upcoming second EP, the seven track ‘EP2 – Electric Boogaloo’.

Co-written by Adam Check of Toe to Toe/One Dollar Short and a foretaste of what to expect is ‘Sick’, the first of three singles from that EP.

The Owen Guns – Sick (single) – Riot records

Words: Jools Green

Release Date: 22 February 2021

‘Sick’ is a punchy chunk of Hardcore Punk that only spans just over one short, sharp and angry minute because that is all the time they need to get their message across. Get in, get the job done and get out again.

Especially as ‘Sick’ broaches on that subject on all our minds, COVID-19. You do not want to be loitering where that is concerned and The Owen Guns’ have dedicated ‘Sick’ to all the morons who thought it was a good idea to stockpile toilet paper during a pandemic. We have all seen that in action, so can appreciate the sentiment fully.

‘Sick’ may be just a minute long but the memory of it stays with you. It is fast, driving, exciting and catchy as hell. You will understand the anger, but at the same time end up smiling.

The whole thing emerges out of a catchy as hell bass riff which goes on to form the backbone and shape the track. It is lyrically to the point and I love the line “I don’t wanna die, but you can take my toilet paper from my cold dead hand!”

This totally sums up the ludicrous situation and the idiots exacerbating it, in a nutshell.

Frontman Sean St Leone exclusively told MetalTalk that their bassist Checky “had sent us this catchy twenty second bass riff, and we built the song around that.

“The lyrical inspiration came from all the bell ends who raped the shelves of local supermarkets when lockdown was announced. First it was toilet paper, empty shelves and shaky mobile phone footage of grown adults acting like f**king children, throwing hands over the last roll of bum wrap.

“Who does this? Shitting yourself is not a COVID-19 symptom. How much poo can you do? Who needs 70 rolls of toilet paper?

“After that, it was the other stuff… flour, pasta… most of these idiots can not cook, so what are they gonna do with all this shit?

“All of a sudden, you are Gordon Ramsey? F**k off!

“There is nothing wrong with being prepared, but these people just went over the edge… imagine punching someone over a tin of pasta sauce. F**kheads.

“So the song reflects my annoyance at these walking dildos.

“Filming the video was quite interesting. We got a lot of dirty looks piling our trolley high with toilet paper.”

Check out the single and the video. It will be a minute of your time well spent.

Pre-order/pre-save ‘Sick’ at

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