The Almighty / Scotland’s finest Rock band at the peak of their powers

Scottish rockers The Almighty’s highest chart placing album finally gets a well deserved reissue with a second disc of goodies and a couple of strange inclusions.

The Almighty – Powertrippin’ Expanded Edition (Cherry Red Records)

Release Date: 26 February 2020

Words: Robert Adams

1993 was a golden year for The Almighty.

Following the departure the previous year of original lead guitarist Tantrum, The Almighty quickly replaced him with ex Alice Cooper band guitarist Pete Friesen and his arrival seemed to breathe new life into the band.

The UK’s first glimpse of Friesen with The Almighty came at the hallowed turf of the Monsters Of Rock festival at Donnington in the summer of 1992. The band were on fire that day and even felt confident enough to play a brand new song during their 30 minute opening slot – the ultra heavy ‘Addiction’.

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If this was a glimpse of what was to come from their new album, then the signs were good.

‘Addiction’ was released as a single in early 1993, ahead of the ‘Powertrippin’’ album release. The album was released in April 1993 and reached #5 in the UK album charts, which was quite an incredible achievement for a Scottish Rock band on their third album.

This wild and wonderful reissue puts ‘Powertrippin’’ back in print after being deleted for a number of years. The album also features, in my humble opinion, the finest track The Almighty ever wrote – ‘Jesus Loves You….But I Don’t’. Starting out as a straight up acoustic ballad, the song builds and builds until it is a Full Force Almighty rocker.

If it wasn’t good enough getting a new release of ‘Powertrippin’’, then Disc Two is a fantastic gift, albeit a bit puzzling.

A limited edition of ‘Powertrippin’’ when it was first released back in 1993 came with a bonus live disc containing tracks from the band’s set at Donington ’92.

Alas, we do not get that with this expanded edition.

What we do get though is live versions of ‘Takin’ Hold’, ‘Jesus Loves You….But I Don’t’ and the punky title track ‘Powertrippin”.

There’s also all 5 B-Sides from the singles released from the album, a couple of radio edits, acoustic versions of ‘Hell To Pay’ and Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’.

We also get demo versions of ‘Out Of Season’ and weirdly, ‘Soul Destruction’, ‘Wild And Wonderful’ and ‘Free ‘N’ Easy’, although the last 3 tracks do not appear on ‘Powertrippin’’.

However, the expanded addition features an excellent fully illustrated booklet, complete with detailed liner notes from Malcolm Dome, based on interviews with the band.

If you have not heard ‘Powertrippin’’, then this is an essential purchase as it showcases one of Scotland’s finest Rock bands at arguably the peak of their power.

If you have an old copy of ‘Powertrippin’’, then now is the time to get an upgrade.

Powertrippin’ Tracklisting :

Disc 1 : Original Album
Over The Edge
Jesus Loves You….But I Don’t
Sick & Wired
Takin’ Hold
Out Of Season
Life Blood
Eye To Eye

Disc 2 : Bonus Tracks
Takin’ Hold (live)
Jesus Loves You….But I Don’t (live)
Powertrippin’ (live)
Blind (B-Side)
Soul Destruction (demo)
Addiction (Radio Edit)
Insomnia (B-Side)
Wild And Wonderful (demo)
Fuckin’ Up (B-Side)
Out Of Season (demo)
Bodies (B-Side)
Free ‘N’ Easy (demo)
Rockin’ In The Free World (acoustic version)
Hell To Pay (acoustic version)
Out Of Season (radio edit)

Sleeve Notes

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