The Alligator Wine launch video for the excellent distorted organ led track ‘Voodoo’

Photo of the band The Alligator Wine

The Alligator Wine, an experimental Krautrock project by Rob Vitacca (voice, organ, moog bass, percussion) and Thomas Teufel (drums, spooky voice), have released a lyric video to the superb song ‘Voodoo’.

An uptempo track, with a great 70’s vibe and fantastic chorus, their style sees guitar replaced by distorted organ and bass replicated with an analog synth, to give a pretty unique feel to the songs.

The duo tell us: “Ladies and Gents! It’s time to cut loose! Let’s dive into the madness of the Alligator!  Shake your hips, bang your head! Here comes Voodoo!”.

Their current album ‘Demons of the Mind’ is out now, with half a dozen dates in Germany during October booked for those who are able to catch them live.

THE ALLIGATOR WINE - Voodoo (Lyric Video)

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