Orianthi / Reaching for the stars with fantastic new album

Eminent guitarist Orianthi has reached for the stars and been Moonwalking on her excellent new solo album ‘O’.

Orianthi: O (Frontiers Music Srl)

Release Date: 6 November 2020

Words: Kahmel Farahani

Orianthi recently told MetalTalk why it had taken her 6 years to release another solo album:

“It’s been one of those things where it just felt like the right time to enter the studio and write something fast.

“Marti [Frederiksen] and I had a really good time writing it together. It is pretty eclectic but pretty cohesive, I think. It’s got Rock and Pop elements, Blues and Electronic…it’s a good mix.”

The Platinum-selling recording artist recently signed to Frontiers Music Src and ‘O’ is her first new studio album in seven years and her first new music as a solo artist in six years.

There is certainly a healthy mix of styles present here, all deftly woven together with Orianthi’s inspired guitar playing.

Orianthi Album cover 'O'

The fist in the air energy and chunky riffs of album opener ‘Contagious’ sounds similar to Muse and it is a fine way to get the blood pumping. The catchy, fuzzy riff of ‘Sinners Hymn’ follows a similar classy pattern.

While Orianthi can surely shred with the very best of them, this album is far closer to anthemic modern Hard Rock than it is to a ‘Passion and Warfare’ virtuoso album.

Orianthi cleverly stays within the four-minute song framework and uses ear grabbing hooks to keep us entertained, occasionally letting rip with a stunning solo.

‘Rescue Me’ has a modern country-Blues vibe and really highlights the fact that Orianthi is a fine singer as well. It sounds like the soundtrack to a futuristic Western TV series.

On the other hand, the moody pop verses of ‘Blow’ would not sound out of place on a Britney Spears record, at least until the guitar really kicks in.

A reason for this finely honed and polished tone throughout is no doubt due to the presence of hit maker Marti Frederiksen in the production chair.

Photo of Orianthi

Orianthi told Metaltalk about working with the renowned producer:

“It was awesome working with Marti. He is a good friend of mine and I have known him since I was about 20 years old. He is a very talented writer and producer and a really good friend.”

The funky guitar hooks of ‘Sorry’ reminds me of Orianthi’s former collaborator Michael Jackson in the best way possible – one can only imagine what they might have created together. Complete with a mean solo, it is one of the best tracks on the album.

‘Crawling Out Of The Dark’ is the breakup ballad of the record, with a fine slow Blues solo, while ‘Impulsive’ is straight up, anthemic Pop Rock.

The album ends with another heady pop number ‘Moonwalker’. Extremely catchy and well crafted, it is a perfect ending to a very well crafted and listenable record.

Orianthi told MetalTalk what she hopes fans will think of her new album:

“I hope they will want to put it on in their cars and just not turn it off! Listen to it from beginning to end and not get bored.”

With a fine record like ‘O’, there is no chance the fans will be bored – it is a fantastic return to her solo work.

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