Häxan / Welsh power trio video shoot interrupted by Police

Welsh power trio Häxan video image

With Welsh power trio Häxan’s debut album ‘White Noise’ out this Friday, the band have been telling MetalTalk about the excellent new single ‘Nine Lives’ and challenges in making the accompanying post-apocalyptic video, which you can see below.

Having supported the like of Status Quo, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons and appearing a several festivals including the Monsters of Rock Cruise, Miami USA, the future looks quite bright for Häxan.

The band, featuring Sam Bolderson (Vocals/Guitar), Harriet Wadeson (Bass) and Jess Hartley (Drums) told us: “Listening to the first studio mix of ‘Nine Lives’ just sparked imagination and Sam couldn’t shake the idea of a fast paced post-apocalyptic demolition derby comic book style video!

“As always, we encouraged each others’ madness and got to work at making this happen.

“Filming a safe, socially distanced music video was not without its challenges, and we didn’t make things easy for ourselves either. We set out to find a location that matched our vision, and after a twist of fate, we ended up in an abandoned warehouse.

“Throw in some old tyres and oil barrels on fire, and we had our set!

“On filming day, we couldn’t park anywhere near the location so had to make about 40 trips carrying amps, drums, lights, a generator, and a menagerie of other items!

“After around seven hours of setting up, we were ready to shoot.

“However just as we were about to hit record, the police showed up as they had received reports of an illegal rave!

“Cue another couple of hours of persuading the authorities to let us film and convincing them we were most definitely not having a rave. We were given a 45 minute window to film.

“We smashed it out, hired a very talented artist from the USA to create some incredible artwork, and that little idea we just couldn’t shake became a reality!

“The track is about having no fear and living on the edge, and we think the video fits that theme perfectly!”

Häxan - Nine Lives (Official Music Video)

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