Frost* mastermind Jem Godfrey, along with Nathan King and John Mitchell, have announced that their EP ‘Others’ will be released 5th June 2020, while telling us that they are putting finishing touches to a new studio album, tentatively scheduled for a September release through InsideOutMusic.

Jem Godfrey is an Ivor Novello winning keyboardist, songwriter and producer, who has worked successfully with a number of Pop artists – a style which is never likely to grace the covers of MetalTalk. However, Godfrey’s roots lie in progressive rock.

‘Falling Satellites’ was the last album, where Godfrey teamed up with John Mitchell (Kino) and Level 42 guitarist Nathan King, and the ‘Others – EP’ is six tracks which were originally destined to be part of this 2016 package.

Godfrey told MetalTalk: “’Others’ is a six track EP containing songs that were written at the time of the Falling Satellites album.

“Initially the idea was that Falling Satellites would be a double album, but it felt more focused and concise as a single album by the time we had  finished making it, so these half completed songs were put to one side.

“Now finished and mixed, they are ready to see the light of day!”

The EP will be released digitally on 5 June, 2020 and will be part of the limited ’13 Winters’ anthology-artbook physically later this year.

Track List

  1. Fathers
  2. Clouda
  3. Exhibit A
  4. Fathom
  5. Eat
  6. Drown

Keep an eye on MetalTalk for the first track from the new EP. Here is ‘Signs’, from the ‘Falling Satellites’ album.

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