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The Agony ready to dominate the World with explosive new album

Get ready to rock with The Agony new album Rising, filled with powerful hooks, killer melodies, and thundering anthems. Join the revolution on 27 April 2023. Words: @pmonkhouse1 Photo: Liška Audrey @theagonycz

Enforced Unleashes Their Most Brutal Album Yet: War Remains

Enforced - War Remains - A slice of ferocity that establishes Enforced's already rising reputation. This is an album that will be on the playlist for months. Words: @hutchie224 @enforcedrva @centurymediarecords

Graveworm Returns After Eight-year Hiatus with Crushing New Album Killing Innocence

Graveworm returns after 8 years with Killing Innocence. A dark and melodic blend of Black, Death and Gothic Metal, perfect for fans of Kreator and Slayer. @gravewormofficial @afm.records

Black Roze to unleash raucous sophomore album Penny For Your Sins

Black Roze release long-awaited album Penny For Your Sins showcasing a diverse range of musical styles, including raucous title track and party anthem Hit Me Up. @blackroze666

Mike Tramp Breathes New Life into White Lion’s Classics with Reimagined Album

Discover how Mike Tramp gives a new lease of life to classic White Lion songs. White Lion novice? Then this could be the best rock album you'll hear all year. Words: @brian_boyle_72 @frontiersmusicsrl @miketrampofficial

Quiver are that scratch for every rock ‘n’ roll itch

Join the global rock revolution with Quiver debut release - a melting pot of hard rock and soulful southern boogie. Let their electric guitar magic take over. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @quiverrockband

Why L.A. Guns reigns supreme among Sunset Strip bands Of The ’80s

L.A. Guns, the best band of the Sunset Strip scene in the '80s. Their latest album, Black Diamonds, proves they only grow stronger over time. @mathematicaljester also picks his top 20 tracks.@laguns @traciiguns

Arielle ’73 – A delicious time travelling campervan journey

Arielle - '73 - The warmth of 70's analogue recordings with a modern twist. Relax and sink into the musical journey with her guitar, Two-Tone and VW bus, Magick. @officialarielle

Angel / Once Upon A Time, a fairy tale resurgence continues

Angel - Iconic white suits return with a vengeance in their new album Once Upon A Time. Classic production, catchy choruses, the band's legendary sound is back. #Angel @cleopatrarecords

Tanith / Voyage a nostalgic journey to the glorious ’70s

Tanith - Voyage - A trip back to the golden era of hard rock. Recorded to tape with vintage instruments, this album is a genuine addictive homage to the '70s.

MMXX / Doom Metal Supergroup Strikes Again With The Next Wave

Discover MMXX latest offering, The Next Wave, a haunting three-song EP featuring guest artists Mikko Kotamäki, Mick Moss, and Alicia Nurho. @mmxxdoom @candlelightrec

Overkill / Thrash Metal Legends Unleash 20th Album Scorched

Discover Overkill's 20th studio album, Scorched, filled with thrilling thrash sounds, killer hooks, and impressive vocals from frontman, Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth. Words: @hutchie224 @overkillofficial @nuclearblastrecords

Altari / Kröflueldar a Unique and Fascinating Twist on Icelandic Black Metal

Altari debut album Kröflueldar is inspired by Iceland's electric fires. Pushing the boundaries of Black Metal, this unique release will leave you mesmerised. @altariiceland @svartrecords

Archive / Lion Shepherd: Hiraeth

Discover the world of Lion Shepherd - Hiraeth - a sumptuous variety of Indian raga, Oriental esotericism, and more, with a rock foundation that will leave you longing for more.

Verminous Serpent / A doom drenched occult-filled blackened offering

Verminous Serpent Album Review - Made in Ireland, The Malign Covenant disturbs with its Doom drenched occult-filled blackened offering. Words: @hutchie224 @verminousserpent @amorfatiproductions

Lucifer Star Machine / Satanic Age a high-octane hyperactive ride

The hyperactive ride that is Lucifer Star Machine - Satanic Age. With short, sharp, in-your-face aggro laced with a melodic thread, an album hard to shake off. Words: @hutchie224 @lucifer_star_machine the_sign_records

L.A. Guns sparkle with Latest Studio Album Black Diamonds

Experience the electrifying new album from L.A. Guns, Black Diamonds, filled with iconic hard rock anthems and addictive ballads. Out on 14 April!

Dystersol/ Anaemic a Powerful and Engaging Concept of Modern Death Metal

Get ready to be blown away by Dystersol - Anaemic. This concept album about a fictional serial killer packs a punch, with complex riffs and haunting lead work. @mdd_records
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