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Inglorious: 'Inglorious II'
Released 12th May 2017 (Frontiers Music)

brian boyle
Words: Brian Boyle, 6th April 2017


Although not his intention, back in 2015 Queen's Brian May heaped mountainous pressure upon the shoulders of a fledgling Inglorious by labeling them "a potent young Deep Purple", followed by others calling them the "future of rock'n'roll".

Upon the release of their debut album and subsequent barnstorming live performances, those who dissed the excitement surrounding the band as mere hype were forced to eat extra large slices of humble pie. While other young bands were also showing heavy classic rock influences in their music, Inglorious were just doing it a million times better.

Having a beast of a vocalist in Nathan James gave the band an immediate identity, his powerful displays on monstrous tracks like 'Until I Die' and 'Holy Water' have cemented their reputation as the frontrunners of a new classic rock revolution.

Inglorious are most certainly a unit and not a solo act though, and the decision to continue with the live tracking which made their debut stand out was a no-brainer - produced by the band, the vibe is rich and organic and gets you right in the beating heart of the action.

Proving the leaps and bounds they've already made in their young career, being able to draft in the legendary Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley to mix this album is a serious coup and a spectacular way to avoid 'second album syndrome'.

Inglorious 2017: (l-r) Andreas Eriksson, Phil Beaver, Nathan James, Colin Parkinson, Drew Lowe

Any fear of that is put to bed early doors with raucous opener 'I Don't Need Your Loving'. The hard stomping vibes are custom built for fists clenched and pumping in worship, well and truly bolstered by James' shock and awe vocals. The full force 'Taking The Blame' opens with a bombarding riff that ignites a no-nonsense, heads down, in your face rocker.

The bluesy tones of 'Tell Me Why' is the first hair-raiser on the album and it's easy on the ear chorus sounds suited and booted for live consumption. When Inglorious announced details to the eager public about their forthcoming album, 'Read All About It' was let loose as a teaser.

This dark atmospheric gem was an inspired choice as it incorporates all the elements that make this band so appealing - power, melody and an arrogant strut combined means an addictive listen.

To have a follow-up album just over a year after its predecessor is something of a rarity these days, though touring with The Winery Dogs and The Dead Daisies may have planted seeds of inspiration. But whatever the reason, the sexy strut of 'Change Is Coming', the soulful seduction of 'Making Me Pay' and the rampaging Metal mayhem of 'Hell Or High Water' are glorious evidence of a band revelling in a scintillating creative flow.

It's inevitable that comparisons will be made with their sublime debut and that youthful exuberance is certainly still there, tearing through this album with the Purple-esque 'I Got a Feeling'; a track that will strike a chord with fans across any genre of rock.

Big kudos must land at the feet of Kevin Shirley who's captured this band in inspired form. This album could be the start of something massive between band and mixer in the same way the Roy Thomas Baker/Queen and Martin Birch/Iron Maiden producer/band relationships spawned groundbreaking rock albums.

As the album closer, 'High Class Woman', signs off with an ear-splitting scream from the lungs of James, you know beyond any doubt that this is a band hell bent on making classic and hard rock an unstoppable force again.

I Don't Need Your Loving
Taking The Blame
Tell Me Why
Read All About It
Change Is Coming
Making Me Pay
Hell Or High Water
No Good For You
I've Got A Feeling
Black Magic
High Class Woman

Album personnel:
Nathan James - Vocals
Andreas Eriksson - Guitars
Wil Taylor - Guitars
Colin Parkinson - Bass
Phil Beaver - Drums


To mark the release, Inglorious are putting on an album launch show at Islington Assembly Hall, London on 19th May. Tickets are selling fast for what promises to be a spectacular evening, with support from up and coming rockers Mason Hill. You can get your tickets right here.

Live dates 2017 (with more to be announced)
19th May 2017: UK, London, Islington Assembly
16th June 2017: France, Clisson, Hellfest Festival
18th June 2017: Belgium, Dessel, Graspop Festival
22nd June 2017: Denmark, Copenhagen Festival
24th June 2017: Spain, Vitoria, Azkena Rock Festival
19th August 2017: UK, Tilford, Weyfest Festival

'Inglorious II' will be released as a standard CD and also as a Deluxe CD/DVD edition. The DVD will feature a previously unavailable live performance from Download Festival 2016 plus extra bonus content, including videos for forthcoming singles 'I Don’t Need Your Loving' and 'Taking The Blame'.

A vinyl release will also be made available through Frontiers Music Srl partners Soulfood.

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