Bloodstock 2021 / Sail “can’t believe it’s finally here”

Sludge Metal savants Sail are one of the UK underground Metal scene. The band play the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2021 on Friday, and they will release their third single, Flood, on the same day.

The excitement of Bloodstock is building. “I really don’t think there are words that capture the insane joy that we are able to play real gigs again,” Tim Kazer told MetalTalk. “This festival is all we’ve talked about since we knew we were playing, and we genuinely can’t believe it’s finally here.”

Formed in 2016, Sail features Charlie Dowzell and Tim Kazer on guitar and vocals, Kynan Scott on bass and vocals and drummer Tom Coles.

Friday will be a special moment for Sail. How will they use past experiences to drive the performance for this gig? “I think it’s true of most bands that they see whatever their last gig was as either the best or the worst ever,” Tim says. “We stepped up our performances in the past year partly in retaliation to sit down gigs. If we’re the only ones able to move around to the music, we saw no alternative but to go as extra as possible. Full dance, full sports,” he says.

MetalTalk wondered how Sail were going to put together their set for this event. “Can I just wink,” Tim says? “We have tried to put together something special for this set. I mean, it’s Bloodstock. We would be stupid not to. A healthy mix of old and new with a few twists and turns. It’s our M. Night Shyamalan set.”

Sail survived the COVID-19 downtime, “we got off exceptionally lucky,” and used it to good effect.

“There are plenty of bands who have been massively financially and logistically affected by these times,” Tim told us, “and I believe in us getting through it as a community. We’re still going through this and together really is the only way we’ll survive. I think for us, it was a real readjust.”

“It forced us to focus on what we can do as a band without gigs and live music,” he said. “Turns out for us that’s a mix of weird streams and even weirder meetings. We’ve tried to use our position to support and entertain in this crazy and frankly awful time.”

Flood is the new single released Friday, and there is excitement brewing around it. “This single is absolutely some of our best work,” Tim says, “and I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but the remix from the young brothers just kills it. They made this incredible, brutal thing that we just can’t wait to share.”

There is the prospect of a new album on the horizon. Tim tells us Sail are writing with an album in mind. “We have lots of ideas and some real surprises for fans, new and old,” he says.

As for influences, “I don’t think there’s a band we’ve come across that hasn’t influenced us,” Tim says. “Recently, we’ve been trying to draw from those influences and bring some of the more unexpected to the foray—anything from Bee Gees to The Armed to Converge to CCR. Nothing is off-limits.”

Sail’s plans for Bloodstock include “sleep, shower, survive”, and then its all about the hard work for the future. “We’re going to be knuckling down and writing,” Tim says, “finding whatever is next for us sonically. I, for one, am very excited.”

You can pre-order the single Flood at and find out more about sail at

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