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Greetings from Canberra, the throbbing heart and soul of Australia – whatever the doomsayers tells ya...

Okay, an exaggeration, but it's the last one you'll find in this column. Over the next few weeks, months, shit, even years if Mr Goldby can put up with me, the aim of Terror Australis will be to get you nice an' familiar with some of Australia's best 'undiscovered treats'. Thankfully it's not all Airbourne, and we'll be bringing you the best that the Australian rock and Metal scenes have to offer right here in our little niche at

Soundwave/Sidewave 2014 Special

Sydney Olympic Park 23/02/14
Heaven's Basement - Soundwave Is A Non-Stop Party!
Amon Amarth: Two Vikings For The Price Of One
Down's Jimmy Bower Down Under
Alter Bridge/Living Colour, Forum Theatre, Melbourne
Testament, Metreya, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Asking Alexandria, The Big Top, Luna Park, Sydney
Mastodon, Baroness, Gojira, The Roundhouse, Sydney
Richie Sambora

Terror Australis

14 August 2014: Interview With The Kraken
13 August 2014: Interview With Malakyte
13 March 2014: Buried In Verona: 'Faceless'
9 March 2014: Ogre: 'The Last Neanderthal'
1 March 2014: Aeon Of Horus: 'Existence'
11 September 2013: Interview With As Angels Bleed Vocalist Avelina de Moray
21 June 2013: Interview With Ross 'The Boss' Friedman
19 June 2013: Witchgrinder: The Demon Calling
1 May 2013: Interview With This Is Hell
15 April 2013: Interview With Shai Hulud
2 April 2013: Jon Dette: Pulling A Double Shift
18 March 2013: Terror Australis: Lord - Digital Lies
1 January 2013: Best Of 2012
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29 June 2011: Terror Australis: Deprivation
11 May 2011: Terror Australis: The Amenta
31 March 2011: Terror Australis: Hell City Glamours
2 March 2011: Terror Australis: Aeon Of Horus

Reviews by Scott...

Divine Ascension: 'Liberator'
Ne Obliviscaris: 'Citadel'
Amaranthe: 'Massive Addictive'
Exodus: 'Blood In Blood Out'
Accept: 'Blind Rage'
Darker Half: 'Never Surrender'
Sunwolf: 'SW III: Beholden To Nothing And No One'
Anathema: 'Distant Satellites'
Vallenfyre: 'Splinters'
18 April 2014: Triptykon: 'Melana Chasmata'
27 March 2014: Various Artists: 'Dio: This is Your Life'
12 August 2013: As Angels Bleed: 'As Angels Bleed'
19 June 2013: Witchgrinder: The Demon Calling
1 January 2013: New Blood: 'Subsistence'
2 September 2012: Kobra And The Lotus: 'Kobra And The Lotus'
13 August 2012: Titans Eve: 'Life Apocalypse'
7 August 2012: The Levitation Hex: 'The Levitation Hex'
3 July 2012: Karybdis: 'From The Depths'
11 June 2012: The Darkness: ANU, Canberra, Australia
3 May 2012: Anathema: 'Weather Systems'
18 April 2012: M-Pire Of Evil: 'Hell To The Holy'
12 April 2012: Overkill: 'The Electric Age'
9 January 2012: Orange Goblin: 'Eulogy For The Damned'
4 January 2012: Primal Fear: 'Unbreakable'
1 January 2012: Scott Adams' Top Thirty Albums Of 2011
21 December 2011: Best Of 2011
13 December 2011: Nightwish: 'Imaginaerum'
21 November 2011: Voodoo Six: 'Falling Knives'
7 November 2011: Def Leppard/Heart: Canberra, AIS Arena
4 November 2011: Melody Black: 'Love Your Demons'
2 November 2011: Taberah: 'The Light Of Which I Dream'
1 November 2011: Cadaverous Condition: 'Burn Brightly Alone'
2 October 2011: House Of Lords: 'Big Money'
29 September 2011: Amebix: 'Sonic Mass'
21 September 2011: Wolfpakk: 'Wolfpakk'
21 September 2011: Seven: 'Freedom Call'
20 September 2011: Diamond Plate: 'Generation Why'
29 August 2011: Toby Hitchcock: Mercury's Down
16 August 2011: Edguy: Age Of The Joker
6 July 2011: I Exist: II: The Broken Passage
4 July 2011: Night Ranger: Somewhere In California
28 June 2011: The Gloria Story: Shades of White
1 June 2011: Journey: Eclipse
24 May 2011: Twisted Tower Dire: Make It Dark
9 May 2011: Black 'n' Blue: Hell Yeah
11 April 2011: Symfonia: In Paradisum
29 March 2011: Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising
24 March 2011: Havok - Time Is Up
14 March 2011: Whitesnake - Forevermore
2 February 2011: Benedictum - Dominion
17 January 2011: Bullet - Highway Pirates

Watty wanted to know whether I'd be interested in trying out as vocalist for a band he'd joined, tentatively to be known as Sapphire. They rehearsed every Saturday afternoon, and if I was interested somebody would pick me up tomorrow and we'd see how things went.

I walked home on air. Not only was I virtually in a proper band, they'd come to me! No pouring through the small ads in Sounds or Melody Maker for Scotty, or no. The mountain had come to Mohammed, if you'll pardon the religious allusion.