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21st November 2017

you spin me round

Edition Four of MetalTalk's new album review radio show, You Spin Me Round, is available on our On Demand page now.

Here's the running order:

Part 1:

1.Gary Moore: 'Blues and Beyond' (BMG) reviewed by Liz Medhurst
Further On Up The Road
Too Tired

"You can hear the ferocity and passion in his playing. The content may be classic blues but Gary's individuality shines through..."

2. Galactic Cowboys: 'Long Way Back To The Moon' (Music Theories Recordings) reviewed by Jeff Kunze (The 3rd Floor)
Hate Me

"Signature Galactic Cowboys, they take a thrash song and put a Disney chorus on it, it's so happy and builds it up...

3. Black Aces: 'Anywhere But Here' (Off Yer Rocka) reviewed by Brian Boyle
Where You Love From
Anywhere But Here

"It's all here - hot, sweaty, filthy bar room rock done at its very best..."

4. Rews: 'Pyro' (Marshall Records) reviewed by Andy Rawll
Rip Up My Heart
Miss You In The Dark

"Pulsating power pop that combines the euphoric aggression of the Foos with sweetly sneering Alanis-meets-Avril vocals..."

5. Moonlight Prophecy: 'Vanquished' reviewed by Steve Göldby
Spellbound Omen Under The Stars

"Ten shred-heavy tracks with furious drumming throughout, yet there's melody in there, not just heavy for heavy's sake..."

Part 2:

1. The Dark Element: 'The Dark Element' (Frontiers) reviewed by Johnny Churchill
My Sweet Mystery
Only One Who Knows Me

"This album is distinct enough to stand on its own and is very much a debut success..."

2. Von Hertzen Bros: 'War Is Over (Mascot Label) reviewed by Andy Rawll
Frozen Butterflies
The Arsonist

"A welcome return to their original hard-edged progressive sound... an excellent and diverse modern prog album..."

3. Dimebag Darrell: 'Dimevision Vol 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over' (Metal Blade) reviewed by Steve Göldby

Ain't No Struggle
Let's Go
Whiskey Road

"Hugely entertaining with several hilarious moments throughout, and there were other, deeper sides to his personality which are also reflected in the volume..."

4. H.E.A.T: 'Into The Great Unknown' (Frontiers) reviewed by Andy Rawll
Shit City
Eye Of The Storm

"It's easily the best commercial hard rock album that I've heard all year... nothing short of a triumphant vindication..."

5. Blackmore's Night: 'To The Moon & Back' (Minstrel Hall Music) reviewed by Johnny Main
Renaissance Faire
Spanish Nights

"A great listen and comes highly recommended..."

You Spin Me Round is presented by Deputy Editor Liz Medhurst and features MetalTalk writers reviewing the albums.

The show airs on TotalRock every Monday night at 10.00pm UK Time here and is available thereafter on our On Demand page here.


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