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18th January 2017

grim reaper

Steve Grimmett, the legendary vocalist of Grim Reaper, has been struck down with a life threatening mysterious illness whilst on tour in Ecuador.

Grim Reaper were on their sixth date of their South Smerican tour in support of their new album 'Walking In The Shadows'. On Saturday 14th January, the band played in Guayaquil, Ecuador and Steve performed the majority of the set in a chair after getting an infection in his foot.

After the show he was taken to hospital where he had an operation to remove an infection from his foot and bones.

grim reaper

An update posted on social media by his wife Millie revealed further awful news:

"Unfortunately the operation didn't work and Steve is currently in the operating theatre having limbs removed. We don't know how much of the leg will need to be removed but Steve is very, very ill. He has an aggressive infection that spread very quickly over night.

"I am sorry to say the rest of the tour has been cancelled. I am hoping to fly out myself soon and stay with Steve until he is ready to come home so I may meet some of you then.

"But don't worry, the voice WILL be back. Love and hugs. Millie."

A further update read:

"Yesterday Steve had his right leg removed from below the knee. The infection was so aggressive it spread from his toes to his knee overnight. I've briefly spoken to him and he sounds in high spirits, laughing and joking. Hopefully he will start his journey home next week."

MetalTalk send out our sincere best wishes to Steve, Millie, family and friends for a speedy recovery.


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