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29th June 2017

scout killers

Hotly-tipped Alt-rockers Scout Killers call from everyone from Alter Bridge, RHCP to Pearl Jam. The band are set to release their explosive new EP, 'Deception', on Friday 7th July and we have an exclusive insight into the background behind the release. Here's the band's own interpretation of the EP:

"All of the songs on the EP are connected and revolve around the central theme of deception, through the form of infidelity in a relationship. Throughout the tracks there are three main characters. Two of them form a couple (Person 1 and Person 2). One member of the couple (Person 2) becomes entangled with Person 3, and becomes emotionally involved with them. However, Person 3 is selfish and uncompromising, and ultimately seeks the destruction of Person 2.

"'Let It All Go' is the starting point and focuses on Person 2's sexual attraction towards Person 3. Person 3 plays hard to get to make the chase all the sweeter. This is the baiting of the trap so to speak, and Person 2 falls for it hook, line and sinker.

"'Freak Show' is after some time has passed, after Person 2 has become emotionally invested in Person 3. However, Person 2 is beginning to realise that Person 3 isn't a very good influence on their life, their emotions, or their mental wellbeing. I used lyrics like "you're a gun to the head, about to unload" to drive home the aspect that Person 3 is physically as well as emotionally dangerous. It also brings about connotations of depression and suicide because it's never really clear who is "holding the gun".

"'Telling Me Lies' is from the point of view of Person 1 and is the softer of the four songs for that reason. I was aiming for a feeling of innocence with the melodies, and to explore the emotional turmoil you experience when you realise that your partner is being unfaithful, or has been unfaithful. The lyric "tell me what I did wrong" drives home a feeling of desperation and weakness.

"'Let You Have It All' is from the perspective of Person 3, but mainly serves as a "moral justification" of events. It is the heaviest of the four songs because to show a projection of everyone's anger culminated into a finale. Person 3 is there to punish Person 2 for their wrongdoings, even though they had a part to play in their downfall, and they've succeeded.

"Ultimately, Person 1 is left longing for Person 2, Person 2 is left longing for Person 3, and now Person 1 and 2 have to try and pick up the pieces after Person 3 has got away scot-free."

scout killers

Scout Killers release 'Deception' on 7th July. Get it from

Originally hailing from all over the UK, but currently residing in Bath, Scout Killers have been burrowing away for the past five years shaping and honing their hugely captivating sound. They have toured relentlessly throughout the UK, playing alongside Fearless Vampire Killers, The Computers, F.O.E.S, and No Devotion. The Alternative rock crew have also wooed audiences at a host of festivals, as well as joining IDivide on their UK Tour.

Besides having a rampant appetite for touring, the band have released a debut self-titled album, a recent follow-up EP entitled 'Stand Your Ground', and the industrious quintet are now set to reveal their best work to date in the form of their brand new EP, 'Deception'.

With UK shows planned for the summer months and a host of European dates in the works, Scout Killers are primed to rise this year.

'Deception' Tracklisting:
1. Freak Show
2. Keep Telling Me Lies
3. Let It All Go
4. You Have It All

Scout Killers are:
Scott Cox – Vocals
Beau Stevens – Guitar
Julien Morrez – Guitar
Tom Graham-Hibbs – Bass
Chris Phillips – Drums


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